Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS Exams

Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS PO/MT, IBPS Specialist Officer and IBPS Clerk Recruitment Examinations.

1. Peter Roebuck who died in South Africa was a renowned _________ ? – a) Cricket Writer b) Tennis Writer c) Golf Writer d) Football Writer

2. Minimum Support Price of Toria of Fair Average Quality (FAQ) for 2011-2012 season to be marketed in 2012-2013 has been fixed at _______ per quintal. – a) Rs. 5425 b) Rs. 2425 c) Rs. 3425 d) Rs. 4425 e) None of these

3.The Income Tax Settlement Commission, Ministry of Finance, has settled over 15000 tax disputes involving over __________ tax proceeding in its life since 1976? – a)  4.35  lakh b) 2.35 lakh c) 1.35 lakh d) 3.35 lakh e) None of these

4. The 17th SAARC summit was held at Addu city of which country? – a) Mexico b) Bangladesh c) Nepal d) Maldives e) None of these

5. The G-20 summit recently held in Cannes was the _____ edition of the summit? – a) 6th b) 5th c) 4th d)7th e) None of these

6. The G-20 Summit was recently held at Cannes on November 3-4, 2011 in which country? – a) Canada b) France c) USA d) Australia e) None of these

7. Who is the new prime minister of Italy? – a) Romano Prodi b) Walid Khaled c) Mario Monti d) Silvio Berlusconi e) None of these

8.Who is the new prime minister of Greece? – a) Evangelos Venizelos b) George Papandreou c) George Rallis d) Lucas Papademos e)None of these

9. Who is the new President of Guatemala? – a) Otto Perez Molina b) Jose Maria Reina c) Ramiro de Leon d) Ramiro de Leon Carpio e) None of these

10. The 61 st Edition of the Miss World pageant was held in which city on November 6, 2011? -a) Los Vegas b) London c) Florida d) Addu e) None of these

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