First Bank in India – GK Questions from Banking Sector

First Bank in India. GK Questions from Banking Sector. Questions from First Bank in India.

  • First Bank in India was Bank of Hindusthan established in 1779.
  • Banking Concept was brought in India by – European.
  • First Presidency Bank of India – Bank of Calcutta established in 1806 and immediately became Bank of Bengal
  • The first bank of India with limited liability to be managed by Indian board was Oudh Commercial Bank. It was established in 1881.
  • The first bank purely managed by Indian was Punjab National Bank. PNB was established in Lahore in 1895.
  • First Indian Commercial Bank wholly managed and owned by Indian was – Central Bank of India, established in 1911.
  • First Governor of RBI : Mr. Osborne Smith
  • First Indian governor of RBI : Mr. C D Deshmukh
  • First Bank to introduce saving Bank in India – Presidency bank in 1830
  • First Bank to Introduce Cheque system in India – Bengal Bank 1784
  • First Bank to introduce Credit Card in India – Central Bank of India
  • First Joint Stock Bank of British India : Bank of Calcutta
  • First Joint Stock Bank of India : Allahabad Bank
  • Oldest Public Bank in India : Allahabad Bank
  • First nationalized bank to merge with another bank – New Bank of India in 1993 (merged with Punjab National Bank)
  • India’s first truly Swadeshi bank was – Central bank of India
  • First Indian bank to open a branch outside India is – Bank of India (In 1946)
  • First Indian bank to open a branch in Continental Europe at Paris is Bank of India
  • Which of the following was the first public sector commercial bank which had launched a mutual fund? – State Bank of India
  • Which of the following bank became the first in India to be fully computerized? – Bank of India
  • First Indian Bank to get ISO certification – Canara Bank
  • First bank in India to introduce ATM – HSBC
  • First ATM was Installed in Kolkata by HSBC in the year 1987.
  • First Foreign Bank in India – HSBC
  • First Universal Bank in India- ICICI Bank.
  • First Indian bank to Introduce internet banking – ICICI bank.
  • First bank in India listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – ICICI Bank.
  • First bank in India to facilitate payment of Income tax using ATM recently? – Union Bank of India
  • First cooperative bank in Asia? – Anyonya Co-operative Bank.
  • First Regional Rural Bank – Prathama Grameen Bank (Sponsored by Syndicate Bank)
  • First Indian Bank started with Indian capital /indigenous Bank of India : Punjab National Bank
  • First Bank in India to launch Talking ATMs for differently-able person? – Union Bank of India.
  • First Bank in India to launch it’s own Payment Aggregators – State Bank of India. (SBIePay).
  • Country’s first all woman bank – Bhartiya Mahila Bank.
  • First Payment Bank in India – Airtel Payment Bank
  • First Fully digital branch by – CANDI by Canara Bank (1st branch at Bangalore)

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