Present Governor of RBI and Deputy Governor of RBI

The executive head of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is known as the Governor, the governor is assist by four deputy Governor.


  • Name:  Dr. Urjit R. Patel (New Appointment, Replaced Dr. Raghuram Rajan)
  • Appointed on: On 4 September 2016.

List of Deputy Governor:

  1. Name: Shri N. S. Vishwanathan (04.07.2016 onwards )
  2. Name: Dr. Viral V. Acharya (23.01.2017 onwards)
  3. Name: Shri B.P. Kanungo (03.04.2017 onwards)
  4. Name: Shri S. S. Mundra (30.07.2014 to 30.07.2017) – Term expired, New appointment/ re-appointment awaited.

Updated: 01/08/2017

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    • dear sir,
      i also received this type of mail according to your conversation you r being cheated still you r not crdited with amount, so i am going to ignore such kind of mail.

  9. Dear Sir


    Actually I am Amaresh Chandra Barik winner of the price
    as per your mail that is ok but the amount 13,500 INR which you told to deposit 1st
    then only you will the winning amount will be deposit on my account but idn’t
    have that much of money so tell me what to do is there any way.what I suggest
    that it is better you deduct that amount from the winning amount and do the


     Payment File: R.B.I-DEL/id1033/11.

    Payment Amount: £750,000 {GBP}



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  11. Respected Sir,
    Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that 500,000 USD. (United State Dollars).Will be release to you, as it was committed for (RBI) Governor that Beneficiary will have to pay crediting fees only. So you are therefore required to pay 18,500 INR ONLY. To credit your account you are to also reconfirm/provide your details for transfer. CONTACT MRS SONITHA SHARMA WITH THE BELOW FORM.
    i got this mail that i won some 500,000 us dollars and i need to pay 18,500 as processing fee to claim this amount.
    Payment file: RBI/ID1033/10.  plz is it fake or not.



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                     Sub :- The prize money from
    the British Government – Transferred               
                               to my Account – Reg.

                     Ref  :- RBI/EST/678/A08,  CDD : 2024/6028/14/311,  Swift Codes:  
                               CVALESVVXXX, Payment file :


     I have received a mail from RBI, Fund Transfer Department  the prize
    amount be transfer to my account they will asked to pay Rs.16,500/- as transfer
    charges. I have paid the transfer charges amount Rs. 16,500/- on 07.01.2013 through State Bank of India. Then from RBI they will ask to send
    the identity proof and the scan copy of challan. After pay the
    transfer charges I have received a mail from RBI containing the website
    address, Member login password, Sort Code, Swift code to login the web for
    transfer the money.

    this regard, in the morning I contact the RBI staff and login the website and
    view the statement and fill all the details and finally the code no. will not
    given and they will ask Rs. 1,30,000/- to pay and the code no. will forward to
    the mail.

          In the special notice you informed that
    the account is on a TRANSIT BASIS, to be expired in 7 days,after which it
    expires and the account will be barred. 

          Hence I will request you give time to arrange
    the said amount for the necessary payment to transfer the money in my account.                                                                               

     Yours faithfully,

     Murugaiyan Mani.

  14. SIR
    today we have received one message via email that i have won —-dollar file RBI/id1033/2009/2012showed that this amount is given in your bank and paid rs 19500 so pls tells this is true or fruad if fraud pls dosome thing for innocent people

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    I got a mail from rbi  like:
    u win a beneficiary amount from great Britain to get it u must pay a fee of 1700 to rbi & this is discussed with D Subha rao in meeting. is it true …….. plz tell me regarding this.

  17. KSSRINIVASAN says:

    I sent a letter to Dr Subbarao,Governor on 7-3-2013 which he received on 8th itself,thanks to the postal department for the expeditious delivery.But I have not received any reply for the same even after one month No doubt the Governor is the head of RBI and cannot expect him to reply.But what about others?

  18. sanjeev chadha says:

    Dear Sir
    Can you please advise me where the staff can lodge a complaint against the bank for the harrasment melted out to him by the employer. ( i e bank)
    Sanjeev Chadha

  19. Sir,
    I got a mail from RBI which instruct me to pay Rs 8500.00 for they will credit to my account no amount of 2 Crore 5 Lakh of beneficiary amount from great Britain and i want to confirm and discussed with D Subha rao in meeting. is it true …….. plz tell me regarding this.

    • its a fake mail..please refer to the rbi site…there they mention about fake mail from rbi site and also advise not to respond such types of mails….and u also avoid such mails…..

  20. Current Governor : Raghuram Rajan

  21. Dipankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Respected Dy. Governor of RBI (APPELATE AUTHORITY)- With profound respect I like to draw your kind attention over the one sided judgement recently delivered by Banking Ombudsman form RBI/Kolkata’s Office. I made a serious complaint against unfair policies adopted by SBI/Chowringhee Br at Kolkata. Initialy the loan passing officer has issued approval letter against the loan applied person after verification of his ability. Later on after taking more than 2 months the concerned department refused to provide required loan.
    Where as SBI has published different types of advertisement regarding loan.
    The matter was brought upto the Banking Ombudsman just to know the reason for taking such long time and demanding compensation of defame. Total negative reply I got. So my prayer to you please give me justice . Thanking You- Dipankar Bhattacharjee
    13/3, Mahendra Banerjee Road,
    Behala/Kol-700060. dt. 22/09/2013

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  26. Kumar Shantanu says:

    This is to inform you that today I received an email from RBI which reads as follows:-
    “This is to bring to your notice that the Government of India have concluded to compensate some
    India citizen job seeker with the sum of Ninety Five Lakhs (95Lahks) to enable them setup their own
    business or firm of their choice. Be informed that your email was chosen as one of the great
    beneficiaries. Your email was selected among the job offers resume that you have posted and it was
    mainly selected from the time job office in India.
    We the India government are to personally congratulate you for this great award from the India
    Government. All you are advice to do is to use the fund awarded to you judiciously and employs other
    job seekers to work for you in your business firm or organization that you are to establish with the
    awarded fund. Your written cheque of Ninety Five Lakhs (95Lahks) has been issued to the Reserve
    Bank of India (RBI) for the transfer to your account.
    All you are needed to do at this point in time is to contact the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) via email
    with this below details stated below.
    Contact The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with the below details for the transfer of your awarded
    amount. The Department of Payment and Settlement Systems (DPSS) started operating as a separate
    department from March 2005.
    The payment and settlement systems in India are regulated by the Payment and Settlement Systems
    Act, 2007 (PSS Act) which was legislated in December 2007. The PSS Act as well as the Payment and
    Settlement System Regulations, 2008 framed thereunder came into effect from August 12, 2008. In
    terms of the PSS Act, no person other than the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) can commence or operate
    a payment system in India unless authorized by RBI. Driving its powers under the PSS Act, the
    Department is responsible for authorization of various payment system operators along with regulation
    and oversight on the Payment and Settlement Systems which encompass the cheque based clearing
    systems, Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) suite, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) System,
    Real Time Gross Settlement Systems (RTGS), other electronic products like Cards
    (Debit/Credit/Prepaid), Mobile banking, Internet Banking etc, the inter-institutional Government
    Securities clearing and the inter-bank foreign exchange clearing.

    Shri Vijay Chugh
    Chief General Manager
    Department of Payment and Settlement Systems
    Reserve Bank of India
    14th Floor, Central Office Building,
    Mumbai-400 001.
    Email ID :
    Tel: 022-2004 4995 , Fax: 22662417

    As soon as you contact the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with the below details, your awarded funds of
    Ninety Five Lakhs (95Lakhs) issued to you by the Government of India and the India ministry of work
    will be transferred into your account. Be informed that you are to start accessing your email each and
    every day at the confirmation of this awarded fund to enable you know when the awarded fund will be
    transferred to your account by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

    Dr. K.C. Chakrabarty
    Deputy Governor
    Reserve Bank of India
    Central Office Building
    19th Floor, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
    Mumbai-400 001.”

    I have receive this mail from email id “”.
    Kindly let me know the authenticity of this mail.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Kumar Shantanu,
    Calcutta High Court, West Bengal

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