1. Janu says:

    important info. thank u admin

  2. Sree says:

    sir what’s the difference between the debit card and credit card?

    • Dfadgf says:

      The fundamental difference between a debit card and a credit card account is where the cards pull the money. A debit card takes it from you banking account and a credit card charges it to your line of credit. Debit cards offer the convenience of a credit but work in a different way. Debit cards draw money directly from your checking account when you make the purchase. They do this by placing a hold on the amount of the purchase. Then the merchant sends in the transaction to their bank and it is transferred to the merchants account. It can take a few days for this to happen, and the hold may drop off before the transaction goes through. For this reason it is important to keep a running balance of your checking account to make sure you do not accidentally overdraw your account. It is possible to do that with a debit card.
      A credit card is a card that allows you to borrow money in small amounts at local merchants. You use the card to make your basic transactions. The credit card company then charges you interest on your purchases, though there is generally a grace period of approximately thirty days before interest is charged if you do not carry your balance over from month to month.

  3. Proudindian says:

    thanks for sharing this.

  4. tarun says:

    aree dont copy it from wikipedia as it is, as it is published in their. u r violating the copy rights of theirs. I know that meaning is same but write in your own lines instead copy paste from wikipedia. 

  5. naina says:

    can rupay card cn be used to make online payments such as filling entrance forms. if so it falls in which category as rupay is no option?

  6. malu says:

    admin sir,nw in ibps banking awareness questns they are asking about these type of detailed informations which we are not familiar with..So pls share this type of informations.thanku…

  7. mehar says:

    can pnb debit card rupay be use in online payment,if yes then how will use it.

  8. raviteja says:

    sir withdrawl of 40000 rupees from rupay sbi atm card is possible or not

    • Admin says:

      I’m not aware whether it is possible or not. Please contact your nearest SBI branch for clarification. You can’t withdraw more than 10 thousand in a day if you got RupayFI card issued from your branch.

      If you got Rupay Domestic Card then it might be possible.

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