Bank Jobs in India: Clerical cadre prone to higher attrition

Public Sector Banks in India is witnessing Higher attrition specially in Clerical Cadre. In the annual report of the bank contains impressive recruitment figure but they never mention about the attrition rate in the bank. Shocking but true, in some cases, almost half of those who joined had left within a year.

The clerical cadre has been witnessing high attrition, especially in banks with a regional focus. Bank unions say the attrition rate is nearly 30 per cent in both the officer and clerical cadres.

The President of Corporation Bank Officers’ Organization Mr. D.N. Prakash told BusinessLine that the attrition level in the clerical cadre was as high as 45 per cent in a bank at one point of time.

There are several reasons behind this high attrition in Banks in India. Some banks have branches only in particular geographical locations, unlike big public sector banks such as State Bank of India (SBI) that have branches across the country.

Some of the South-based banks have less presence in the northern region, but most of the new recruits in these banks are from the North. The banks find it difficult to place the new employees in States of their choice. This is one of the reasons why most of them don’t stick on for more than a year.

P. R. Karanth, Joint Secretary of All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA), says that someone who joins bank ‘A’ in the clerical cadre usually gets a good offer from bank ‘B’ in the officer cadre after two-three years. Even if the banks impose any bond during their appointment, they are ready to pay and leave.

To address this, K.S. Bhat, Secretary of the Syndicate Bank Staff Association, said that weightage should be given to those who work in bank ‘A’ while filling vacancies in the officer cadre.

He said a person from clerical cadre had passed IBPS with 167 marks in his bank. But the cut-off for officers’ cadre was 168 marks. But he got an officers job in bank ‘B’, where he matched the cut-off marks.

Some relaxation for the existing staff would have helped his bank to retain him. “In this process, we lost a clerical staffer and a person with two years’ experience,” Mr. Bhat added.

He also addressed that in some States a lower division clerk in a government office gets a better salary than a bank clerk. Compared to banks, the workload and risks in some government offices are lower. So, If the bank clerk secure a job as a lower division clerk in state government; they left the bank job to join State Govt. job

6 thoughts on “Bank Jobs in India: Clerical cadre prone to higher attrition

  1. Honey Mishra122 says:

    wonderful article

  2. It’s true.

  3. But they must understand that there are aspirants like me who need to get set on any bank, anywhere be the bank we are ready to work irrespective of any more golorious openings. Huh its a really disppointing factor. 

    •  then it shows u are not good enough. if not, you would have opted for career growth, and not to sticking somewhere like glue. no offense meant, the truth!

  4. Now never late than ever Industry should come forward to give an opportunity to the aspirants who has secured minimum marks so that they will have fear conscious to grab the opportunity with honest and dedication. 

    If a person having scored higher marks will not have stability because he will be eligible to look for the same opportunity to search for another bank with the same score card.

    I hope the top Banking management will look into the matter.

  5. This article totally contrast with v.h.Ramakrishnan’s article.
    It shows that recruiters are unable to choose a right person.

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