IBPS Clarifies ‘CWE Score Card Validity’ Confusion

There were confusion and rumor floating around after a Hindi Daily covered a news on Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) and the present multiple selection issue.

Summary of that article follows:

  1. Almost all banks have declared for two cutoff marks: one for applying and one for getting Group Discussion/Personal Interview Call. In this process many aspirants have wasted their money.
  2. Candidates who have secured higher marks are getting multiple interview call and selected in more than one bank. But there are thousands of candidates out there who didn’t even receive a single interview call from any banks.
  3. AK Bhattacharya, New director of IBPS, said that the CWE Score Card of IBPS PO 1 will become invalid after IBPS published the result of 2nd IBPS CWE PO.

To sought clarification on ‘CWE Score Card Validity’ confusion we have decided to contact IBPS.

CWE Score Card Validity:

When we asked about whether the CWE Score Card of IBPS PO/MT 1 will become invalid after the result of 2nd IBPS CWE PO/MT declared?

A senior IBPS officer said, ‘First of all, let me clarify that all CWE Score Card issued by IBPS have it’s own issue date and it’s respective Expiry Date (Validity of 1 year from the date of issue). CWE scorecards expires when its validity ends but their is no way it can become invalid/blocked.’

But when we asked that the article quoted the new director of IBPS Mr. AK Bhattacharya the officer said, ‘At my level, i don’t have any information on this issue; other than what I’ve told you. But i can assure you that there is no way score card of any IBPS exam can become Invalid/Blocked before it’s validity ends’.

Multiple Selection of Candidates and position of IBPS:

‘We are well aware of this problem, we have have instructed our research team to conduct research and find a practical way out of this problem and at the same time finance ministry is looking for a way out of this problem. We are working to improve the Common Written Exam (CWE)’. Because as much the candidates are worried it is a problem for banks also who have invested substantial amount in IBPS project.

‘Our main job is to conduct Common Written Exams for banks and other financial institutions, we are doing our job but the problem actually lies with individual bank. To find out a practical solution IBPS will soon meet the participating banks’, he added.

Tips for Bank Aspirants:

When we have asked that senior officer for any tips for bank aspirants?

‘Always follow the advertisement and notifications issued by IBPS & IBPS website…& an appeal not to spread any rumours’.

17 thoughts on “IBPS Clarifies ‘CWE Score Card Validity’ Confusion

  1. I have one question actually two can anyone solve it…??
    I cleared IBPS clerical exam 2011, I  got 140 score. But every bank declared their cut of marks higher than my score. The question is what is the used of i cleared exam.
    My second question is Bank of India & Punjab & Sind bank take application  for clerical post along with fees & then they declared cut of marks 170+  then what about my application fees money. It is clearly show that banks  are earning money from us & it is waste of money from our side. This is very bad for aspirant.

    • I think even banks are running short of money, so they have devised this method with IBPS to earn some quick money by cheating thousands of jobless aspirants. They are inspired by so many corrupt practices in the high level. 

  2. you r right vinod

  3. Vibz_smartboy says:

    sir what about the vaccant seats…..because all the seats are vaccants……will they conduct another interview……I have got 160 in po1…..do I have any chance to get a single interview…..?

  4. Pavannalvade1987 says:

    i request to IBPS Honorable persons to improve the on line application form means need to insist experience and state language should be chosen one of a subject in matriculation. at least for Upcoming  IBPS clerical exam.   

  5. Nisha Shabnam7 says:

    i have got 127 marks in ibps till now in one single bank i have not received one interview call????

  6. Priya Pawar says:

    I think IBPS has wasted my  more than one year of my life and money since i got 142 in general and did not receive any call for interview. We are just paying money to IBPS and BANK but no interview call even after passing the exam.  The hard money earned by us is just wasted because of these  reasons. Reserve Bank should immediately look into the matter at the earliest.
    I think IBPS Proceduce should get closed and the previous system should get started again.

  7. Joydeeppaul says:

    Getting call from a bank doesn’t mean that you will get job………..I have appeared 5 PI’s ……..they just consider written test marks………… they are not at all concerned about knowledge……………I know some of my friends  they don’t even know  the meaning of IFSC code and its implications……….but now they are officer of a RRB………….because they got 2-3 marks more than me in written test………my self still struggling………….this is actual scenario of recruitment in banking sector…………..marks in written nothing else they need………….knowledge bull shit……….

  8. it need to participate RBI in this matter because when ibps conduct first exam they first decide policy or stratagy then get it exam bacause student are only pay money to bank and ibps and not get any result or job

    • Executive Directotr RBI, Sri Gandhi , is party to the irregularity as member in the Governing Boady of IBPS . He has been requested to bring this to the knowledge of Governor ,RBI. As public servant  he is requested to give his comment.

  9.  Why Banks are silent on this  issue? IBPS has conducted exam and now the ball is in bank’s Court.

  10. After all these banks are something called as “PSUs” and hence they are maintaining the legacy. PSU => Perfectly  Satisfied Unit.

  11. they could not solve the problem of multiselection though they are called as “Higher Officials”…..

  12.  When finding of research team will be given on the issue of multiple selection . The  may be assigned IIM  for quick solution

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