IBPS PO-III: How was your IBPS PO-III Exam Today? – Share your experience

IBPS PO-III. IBPS PO 2013. How was your IBPS PO-III Exam Today? – Share your experience.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) today conducted the Online Written Examination for the recruitment of Probationary officers / Management Trainee in Public Sector Banks across India. Those who have appeared in today’s exam Please share your IBPS PO-III Online Exam Experience with us. Please discuss level of question paper, number of attempts, kind of questions, General Awareness Questions etc.

You can share your experience in the comment box below.

IBPS PO-III Question Paper:

IBPS PO 19/10/2013: – General Awareness Question Paper (Morning)

IBPS PO 19/10/2013: – General Awareness Question Paper (Evening)

IBPS PO 20/10/2013: – General Awareness Question Paper (Morning)


93 thoughts on “IBPS PO-III: How was your IBPS PO-III Exam Today? – Share your experience

  1. very tough paper…..math was horrifying!!!!!

  2. Today i have written PO exam morning session and the exam was good ,reasoning part was good English was OK computer also very easy but all comes to QA which is very touch data interpretation was all over the paper and no single question on simplification and series but a different pattern series was given which i have skipped…apart from QA my exam was good and thanks to BANKING AWARENESS site for guidence and notes on current affairs,as it was really very helpful for me… I attempted 135, reasoning-33,QA-30,Eng-25,GA-25,Computers-18 and other in review
    Putting my fingers cross for qualifying…

  3. sandeep chauhan says:

    CCTV- close circuit television

    2) 28th member of EU- cros

    3) Australian PM- Tony Abratt

    4) Federal Bank Head- syam srinivasan

    5) T20 related to cricket.

    6) Tagore award- jubin mehta edited by javed


    7) Largest Producer of GOLD-china

    8-bank rate on 20 September 2013— 9.5%

    9) full form of SLR- statutory liquidity ratio

    10) national award for wholesome

    entertainment- Vicky donor

    11) who has never been MP- amitab bacchan

    12) Limit of Micro Enterprise as per MSME act

    2006- 25 lakh…..

    13) Corporate Debt Limit- 25bn $

    14) serfeisi act related to: NPA of banks. And it

    comes in year 2002.

    15) the low land writer.-jumpa lehari

    (nominated for man booker)

    16)mouse man name who died-douglas

    17)MICR FULL FORM-magnetic ink character


    18)MNEREGA-150days(drought area)

    19)BSBDA minimum amount-zero

  4. I havn’t written the exam but i heard the comments from my friends that Aptitude was Monster lengthy (no not difficult) that no one succeeded in attempting above 25.

  5. passage ws 2 difficult……did anybdy attmptd..??
    and wat bout aptitude,,,,,holy shitt……hw many ques from aptitude???

  6. so till how many months current affairs has been asked.? and which and all areas should we concentrate regarding general awareness?

  7. high tough……..i didnt expect…….

  8. wht d hell type of question paper dt was….
    two passeges in englishnd wre to big dt to read evry line we hv to scrol left right same as in maths DI……

    i wish i meat smwre d person who set d question paper….

    • really yar, this on line exam is not up to the mark,, it shud be reverted to the older one. so long questions are really disgusting that to online.

  9. is there separate cut off for separate session exams , if it is not ,it is injustice. a/n shift quant and english really ridiculous.

  10. admin plz update to day gk quistiion..20.9.2013

  11. Aptitude was really tough..and in english two paragraphs was time taking…

  12. today morning session exam was really very tough… time take too much to all questions…

  13. please update today questions

  14. please try to upload pdf format of yesterdays and today’s Po’s exam paper so that we can download & use it for our preparation.

    • come on ..do u want evrythig to be spoon-feeded ,.. take efforts and make a note of it …

      • i have not said need spoon feeding. but my intention was to use technology. because every time we cant carry our books& go through them if we have a facility to download then we can read in mobiles only.
        sorry if u have taken me wrong.

        • lol.. not exactly dude .. technology .. he he 😛 i guess u need to be updated .. u can download it even now .. try it out ..

          All the best both for ur exam and for downloading .. 😛 😛 😛

  15. hw mny quetn r thr in passag can anybdy…….

  16. corrections
    1. current bank rate w.e.f 20.09.13 is 9.50%
    2. answer for the which of the following is not an identy proof is Electricity bill
    3. loan amount would be turned as a non performing assets within 90 days
    4. term associated with cricket is T20
    5.who among the following is the major applicant for bank license is tata sons

  17. mevada milap babulal says:

    my exam was on 20/10/2013 in morning session. I feel paper was very tough in all section. and GA portion is very tough compare to previous day paper so, i thnk i hv a loss in total merit.

  18. horrible horrible!!!!!!!! especially maths

  19. the morning session was really soo soo tough… apart from that the pc was getting problem….but the previous paper were little easy, even yesterday’s evening session was also ok… but the morning session was too horrible… i am preparing since long time but it went all wrong… all the question were time consuming…….. i dont think it was a po paper..

  20. is there any nonverbal questions in reasoning??

  21. pls reply frnds….income -expenditure graph in QA??

  22. sir could u upload 20 th even session paper …

  23. My paper was on 26th, I knew that the paper would be tough one I prepared myself mentally for the paper,but frnds i really amazed to c the paper…maths section was so tough one….I really got disappointed after giving the paper.Frnds all my preparation gone wasted what to say more…

  24. Jaikumar Hundlani says:

    Morning session was really tough. Specially Reasoning and Maths. No direct questions were asked. All the questions were time consuming. Even in syllogism usually 3 statement were given,this time they asked questions with 4 statesment. Even RBI grade B paper was easy than that.

  25. my paper was also on 26th,and i hv done 105 over all with 98% accuracy. can any one tell me that exepted cut off.

  26. Need Improvement in Paper Setting…………Such tough paper will enable few only to pass……….and Merit list will be affected,

    GA and CK was good………Quants and Reasonning need to be liberalised as we have 30 minutes only for each sec…..

  27. my exam was like hell …….. couldn’t decide which one to attempt 1st -___-

  28. even they(Ibps) don’t know how scan paper visibly can conduct exam and decide millions of aspirants future what a pity it was yesterday in quant bar graph sub lines are not visible, ibps play games with millions of people

    • my exam was on 20th.. i encountered d same prob like urs, sublines in bar diagram were not visible.. cud read ly wen i went damn close 2 d monitor…

  29. 26th evening shift was tricky most of the maths questions were asked in tricky way, no direct mental calculation for any question unlike last 2 years papers, never rely on ibps for format,even statements were difficult that of last year, gk questions were never there even in gk magzine,very disappointed, i wanted to clear the paper, just aatempted 100,fingers crossed, series,data sufficiency, too difficult, last 2 years paper and this years sbi po was super bumper easy.

    • don worry u done okay.. and cut off is gonna be low

    • compared to last years’ ibps, sbi po 2013 reasoning was a bit tricky but not that difficult like current ibps exams… my exam was on 20th n i could attempt only 113… hearing from many that this year ibps exam is the toughest… lets hope the cut-off is low this time…

    • don’t be sad friends this time the cut off willm be too low just hope to cross the cut off marks

  30. 27 th morning shift was horrible…even GA too was tough questions compared to other days..totally disappointed…maths is like hell….very very tough…next my only hope is in clerk xam…very sad 🙁

  31. 26 morning exam was much lengthy specially maths and in case of online exam we can’t see easier questions at a time so offline exam is better we can read all the question at time so please stop it taking any online exam

    • well, tats a fact… we hav to skip to find the easy questions… problem is all questions were time consuming n it leads to a confusion to decide which question is better to solve… hope the cut off will be low this time… lets see…

  32. horrible day……….. Quant was very tough, they have given all lengthly questions which requires atleast 5 mintues to do each problem… horrible ibps po exam held on 27 morning session and dont depend on model papers of previous yrs for solving….

  33. Not an easy exam totally disappointed don’t know what to do ,
    I hope to clear sectional cut off any guess of sectional ct off of Maths coz I could do only 14 in Quant
    some ques 27th eve
    Difffernce between repo and MSF rate,
    committee on low income household
    Bhutan currency –Ngultrum
    The good road Director gyan
    Rahul dravid ambsador of which
    some day related q
    Book on srojini Naidu authoer
    Microsoft and nokia deal amount ,guess 7-2 million USD
    banking related question on balance sheet & depreciation
    bouncing of cheque comes under which section of NI act Ans 138
    overall ga was OK but I am keeping fingers cross for DI section

  34. horrible day……….. Quant was very tough, they have given all
    lengthly questions which requires atleast 5 mintues to do each
    problem… horrible ibps po exam held on 27 afternoon shift and dont
    depend on model papers of previous yrs for solving….

  35. agreed with you all even tougher than sbi po horrrribbbbbbbbbbllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee………………………….

  36. mahendra singh thakur says:

    27th evening session paper was very tough and long every question was time consuming i cant say whose lucky guy become a ibps po

  37. can we expect cutoffs low ??????
    No i dont think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. the most destroyer paper ever I seen ….. I cannot pass ….27th Oct

  39. xam ws tough….my ga,comp,eng,reasoning prats were ok….bt qa ws tough nd lengthy…nd i cud complete only 11 questions..den time ws out……..

  40. what wud b d expected cuttoff’s fr each section..???i hav done only 13 in quants..is dere any chance to clear d cutoff in quants???

  41. I had my exam today at 9:am shift,I could attend only 108 questions with 98% accuracy,but could only attend 16 in quantitative aptitude,the questions in quantitative aptitude was like searching for a small fish in the whole ocean and in the end there was no fish,I belong to OBC,is there any chance for me,please reply

  42. The site is best of all sites ever seen. Thanks for all you have done for candidates.

  43. my exam today afternoon shift is too hard…… especialy math. lengthy calculations

  44. i have attempted 122 question ..reasoning section was veru tough and nothing say about quant section..most difficult question ..horrible exprience

  45. nice website i really like

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