ICICI Bank planning to allow transactions via Facebook

ICICI Bank planning to allow transactions via Facebook. Mumbai-based private sector lender ICICI Bank said it is working towards allowing its customers to carry out transactions through social networking site Facebook.

ICICI Bank, The largest private sector bank in India, has close to 8 lakh Facebook likes and is the only bank in the world which has an application to see bank statement as well as put some servicing request on Facebook. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ICICI Bank Mukesh Kumar Jain said at an Event.

“It would be premature to say anything on this now. But we are working on that (allowing transactions through Facebook). Over a period of time, say next few months or so, you will hear some news about it,” he told reporters here at an event.

“We have got into the Facebook because the younger generation will be visiting that place. We are able to give them secured account information,” Jain added.

ICICI Bank is one of the early movers to tap social media platform to let customers access online banking features through Facebook.

“We don’t see security as a big challenge. ICICI Bank will not have taken the step if we were not sure of security. We will never put customer data in danger,” M.K. Jain replied.

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