Manmohan Singh defend reforms in his address to nation

New Delhi, September 21: Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh today defend the reforms agenda in his address to nation. Prime Minister starts his address by saying “I am speaking to you tonight to explain the reasons for some important economic policy decisions the government has recently taken. Some political parties have opposed them. You have a right to know the truth about why we have taken these decisions”.


Decisions taken recently are necessary for revival of investor confidence in India and across globe, says Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

PM on FDI in retail: In a growing economy there is enough space for big and small to grow.

The fear that small retailers will be wiped out is totally baseless, says PM in a televised address to the nation.

Don’t be misled by those who want to confuse you by spreading fear and false information: PM tells the nation.

PM says money does not grow on trees, it has to be created and that is what UPA is doing

PM says same tactics of creating fear were adopted in 1991 but those behind it “did not succeed then, they will not succeed now”.

We are at a point where we can reverse the slowdown in our growth: PM.

PM says many European countries are facing severe economic problems and he is determined to see India will not be pushed into that situation.

The most important task of govt is to create jobs, for that needs strong eco: PM

India has battled global slowdown and managed to limit negative impact: PM

Whatever decision we took was to protect citizens: PM

We raised fuel prices as this subsidy could no longer be continued: PM

If fuel prices, especially diesel, were not raised, fiscal deficit would have ballooned uncontrollably.

We need people’s support to carry through our reforms and make the people’s lives better: PM

Time has come for hard decisions, for this we need people’s trust: PM

The future of the generations to come will depend on what we do today.

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