SBI Clerk Final Result: What’s Next?

State Bank of India Clerk Recruitment Result. SBI Clerk Final Result: What’s Next?   – SBI Joining Formalities and Detail.

After State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest public sector bank, has declared it’s final result for the post of Assistant/ Stenographer for 18905 vacancies, many people are wondering about what is the next step. So here we will be clarifying few common questions asked by many members.

1) SBI will be informing regarding medical test via medicals. The cost of medical test will be roughly Rs2000 & have to be bared by the candidate.

2) After medical formalities is completed candidates will be issued offer letter.

3) Initially it is likely SBI will put candidates in their learning centres for roughly 2 weeks for basic training & after that they will be given final posting. Since SBI is hiring in large number it is possible training may be organized in batches & some people are directly sent to branches & will be provided training later on.

SBI Phase 2 Result: SBI Clerk 2012 Phase-II Result Declared.


  1. dear sir i also selected finally .but i have a small doubt regarding reference check.. actually one of reference has gotten promotion and posting to other place… is there any option to change reference …and other doubt is medical test we have to do self and go ..or SBI only provide…

  2. Kumar32542 says:

     does candidate will pay any other money in the form of security? please tell me sir

  3. ashish gupta says:

    medical test ki information kab aur kaise milegi..??

  4. VIVEK KUMAR says:

    what is phase 2 result of interview of sbi

  5. Hemaatty says:


  6. Mohammed adil abbas says:

    medical test wil be done by candidate itself.. but the hospitol name and adres wid the no. of test to be done wil be infrmed by a medical officer or admin. officer frm SBI itself… it is roughly arnd 2600 rs..

  7. Ashish Chugh says:

    When the Phase-2 result will be announced ?
    & What is the purpose of Phase-2 Result ?

  8. Abi says:

    thanx for the information..but i have a big confusion I am a BTECH IT and i am working in an IT company earning 15000/month so will it be better for me to join SBI as clerk.

  9. LVN R says:

    When will the announcement for further procedure come?…

  10. ajaykumar says:

    hey guys what do think abt sbi clerical phase2  results and when will be the results be declared

  11. Mit_manikandan says:

    what are the checkup’s in medical test ? 

  12. Manikandancjob says:

     ADMIN please clarify my doubts what are tests their conduct during medical test???????

  13. Prabhu says:

    did any one got  mail regarding final results???

  14. abhishek says:

    what is phase 2 admin plz tell if u konow…

  15. DaemonRong says:

    Note: “the result of the phase II will be declare in due date” as on SBI website.. are they talking about the second list? please clarify the doubts… eagerly waiting for your suggestion.. thank you

  16. Gautam375 says:

    when will sbi call for medical

  17. Raja says:


  18. Som Hmar says:

    how can phase II would be only for orissa.. 

  19. Vikassunidhi says:

    Dear Admin and my frnds , congrats to all of you for the success. i have also tasted the success and comes under one of you.
    i appeared from gujrat and got selection and now waiting for the call letter.
    Has anyone from gujrat got the call or not plz clarify…???
    I am here today to clarify my one doubt related to document verification, actually i am getting married this month but during my interview my relationship status was unmarried , so i am confused what if i get my call letter after marriage ? will it make and difference or any hurdle in the process of joining? Shell i show my relationship status as married this time , as i have heard that some document will be sent by post to the successful candidates…!!

    plz clarify with genuine and conformed information as it a matter of  life’s first job..

    thank you… 

  20. Mailpraveen16 says:

    i m from tn and selected in sbi clerk from tn….my kidney transplanted on jan 2011 and i m fine now……will they reject me for this…….i m preparing all days for these exam even not trying for any other private jobs…..

    • Suman28944 says:

      no problem with that thing . congrates .have a nice day

    • Karthikking629 says:

      definatly u will select .. no problem yar i wish u all the best

    • Mnver1 says:

      i have a similar case and they have rejected me saying their policy states that they don’t accept renal transplant candidates. if you would proceed further with any action please let me know too so we can pursue it together.i am also devastated by the situation as i tried so hard to cope up from my medical illness and rather than going for a pvt. job studied hard for a govt. job and if a public sector bank is not willing to take me in then how would a pvt mnc offer me employment .i too had my transplant last year .
      my email id is – mnver1@@gmail:disqus .com

      • Mnver1 says:

        and also if anyone has any lawyer friend who would like to help me please reply on my email your help would be really appreciated as i have spent all of my savings on my transplant and the proceedings like pre transplant dialysis.
        thanks mnver1

  21. Prakash0670 says:

    No but they informed me by msg………..

  22. Prabhu says:

    hiee im from karnataka… Did any one got mail or msg from sbi in karnataka zone.. if so plz reply

  23. Bhawan161991 says:

    I m 4rm Punjab..kya kisi ko sms ya mail ayi hai about medical??

  24. Johnpeggan says:

    Is anyone recieved mail or msg in tamilnadu or puducherry region regarding medical test?

  25. Ptripathi53 says:

    I am from UP and waiting for further information regarding medical tests…….any information

  26. Abhay goswami says:

    i am from UP..NOT YET received any mail or msg for medical..have any1 from UP got mail or msg??

  27. sunil kumar rajput says:

    I am from Haryana got the medical cum training letter from SBI.

  28. nbn12 says: through mail or post..??

  29. Aroopmahapatra4 says:

    hi guys when mine will come im from gwalior

  30. Anir Imp says:

    which is a better option.. sbi clerical or RRB PO.. plz give some suggestions guys…….

  31. Aroopmahapatra4 says:

    u can also contact me on this number 9826299709

  32. LVN R says:

    Congrates man…
    Did u get the Medical Test Formality letter or any other info?…
    Me too frm TN…

  33. LVN R says:

    Congrates man…

  34. Aroopmahapatra4 says:

    hey im over weight is therea ny problem with that in medical test/….

  35. LVN R says:

    Hey Guys,
    Is ther any guidelines for Medical Examination?..

  36. Anup says:

    When will medical done

  37. Prakash0670 says:

    i have Stone(calculi) in my kidney…will it make any difference

  38. Prabhu says:

    hiee every one.. Is SBI sending call letter for medical test through SPEED POST or MAIL??? plz let me know

  39. Rakesh singh says:

    i passed from gujarat but i dint get callletter till now pls tell me what we should do i live in patna

  40. Rakesh singh says:

    pls tell me in medical test what he chek

  41. Kamal says:

    anyone from punjab got letter…plz tell

  42. Prabhu says:

    anyone from karnataka got letter…. plz tell

  43. Aa says:

    eye test bhi hota hai kya, yar mujhe dur ka nazar kam aata hai 

  44. LVN R says:

    Hey Guys,
    Hw is Training going on for 3rd Dec Batch in TamilNadu!!

  45. Aroopmahapatra4 says:

    kia kisika 17 dec ko traing hai kya in indore kyunki mera bhi wahi hai….

  46. Kr Mydoc88 says:

    hi friends, i am selcted as asst in phase2…i want know regarding medical test which taken by SBI…..Plz anyone have geniun details about the medical do reply…….

  47. raju kumar says:

    mrea final call 4th march but that day my other exam going on 
    may i report next date? or any formility to extend date 
    i am calling at sblc purnea anybody please reply 

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