SBI PO 2013: SBI PO 2013 Exam Discussion, Questions

SBI PO 2013. State Bank of India (SBI) Probationary Officer (PO) 2013 Exam Discussion, Questions.

Countries largest lender State Bank of India (SBI) SBI-Logotoday (28th April 2013) conducted it’s Probationary Officer (PO) recruitment exam 2013 (SBI PO 2013) across major cities in India to fill-up the 1500 vacancies. State Bank of India has received 17 lakh application for this exam and the bank has conducted the exam in two shifts – Morning and Afternoon.

At the time the article was published, the Morning shift exam was finished and the second shift of exam is about to start. Those who have attended the SBI PO 2013 Morning Shift Exam are requested to share their Experience and discuss SBI PO 2013 Question Paper.

Share Your SBI PO 2013 Exam Experience, Questions with us.


  1. rashmi says:

    gk questions in morning shift :
    who is pm of china ? Li
    md of imf ? Christene
    who is yv reddy ? 14 finance comission
    runner up team in womens world cup tournament ? west indies
    which lifetime achievement did ravi shankar got posthumously? grammy
    what is AA Iin GAAR ? Anti Avoidance
    amount govt allocated for womens bank ? 1000 cr
    what is reverse repo rate ?
    what is cross selling ?
    what is lead in marketing?
    what is a file ?
    what is compuetr memory ?
    target customer for savings bank account ?

  2. minhaj says:

    kya que. afternoon me same aayenge

  3. Naveen kishore says:

    -What is close a cal in marketing?

    -what is the largest computer among PC, LAPTOP, DESKTOP, MAINFRAMES..

    Ans- Mainframes

  4. hemanth says:

    GAAR General Anti Avoidance Rule

  5. hemanth says:

    australia beat westindies in worldcup finals

  6. hemanth says:

    12th 5 year plan 21012-2017

  7. hemanth says:


    Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

  8. hemanth says:

    women bank 1000crs

  9. hemanth says:

    oscar 2013 . Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

  10. hemanth says:

    crr cut by 25 p

  11. hemanth says:

    indivials for personal loans

  12. hemanth says:

    indirect tax

    a)service tax

  13. Wenky Franky says:

    hai friends… in sbi po
    in 12th block I wrote my name with pen will it be any problem……
    and remaining with pencil only will it be any problem.

  14. SBI_GEEK says:

    how was the overall paper as compared to last years sbi exam?

  15. SBI_GEEK says:

    Friends, Any info on when is the next IBPS exam?

  16. Syed MOHD SHAHNAWAZ says:

    very easy paper

  17. sidhu says:

    Thanks for all you guys for sharing your memory :D

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