Professional Knowledge: What is Professional Knowledge, How to Prepare?

Professional Knowledge – What is Professional Knowledge? How to prepare for Professional Knowledge?

Specific knowledge or skill which is required to fulfill some work/job in an organization while working for some Professional Knowledgeprofessional posts like IT Officers, Law Officers,Agriculture Officer, HR, Finance, Rajbhasha, Chattered Accountants, Marketing Officers, Technical Officers etc.

Professional Knowledge – It includes knowledge about learning, diversity, technology, professional ethics, legal and policy issues, pedagogy, and the roles and responsibilities of the profession of teaching.  Also referred to as Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

Professional Knowledge Questions/ What kind of Questions asked in Professional Knowledge Section?

Generally, In this section questions are asked from area of your professional studies like. in IT Officer exam they asked questions from Database Management System (DBMS), Networking, Data Security etc. In case of Law officers exam questions were asked from Indian Constitutions, IPC, Banking Law, Companies Act etc.

You will be asked what you have studied in your Degree or Post Graduate courses.

How to prepare for Professional Knowledge Section?

To prepare for this section you have to know the syllabus of the exam clearly. You must study books of your Degree/ Post Graduate courses to prepare for this professional knowledge section.

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  1. plz refer some of d books for IT professional knowledge

  2. plz tell me d syllabus of professional knowledge for technical officer….

  3. Amreetaaslucky says:

    i wan to knw abt law officer

  4. hi good morning which book for study for the banking marketing specialist officers

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