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Core Banking Solutions (CBS): What is CBS?

 Core Banking Solutions (CBS). What is CBS? Full form of CBS. Core Banking Solutions (CBS) is the process which is completed in a centralized environment i.e. under which the information relating to the customer’s account i.e. financial dealings, profession, income, family members etc. These information are stored in the Central Server of the bank that […] Continue reading →

Deficit Financing: What is Deficit Financing?

 Deficit Financing – It is a practice resorted to by modern government of spending more money than it receives in revenue. It is a policy of bridging a deficit between governments expenditure and revenue. Deliberately budgeting for a deficit is called deficit financing. This practice was popularized by Prof. J. M. Keynes to deal with […] Continue reading →

EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer

 EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer. EFT allows entities to transfer funds from a account electronically. It can be used by creditors to pull funds from a customer automatically. EFT’s are efficient, immediate and easy. In modern EFT has become one of the important part of modern banking system. In EFT, What E stands for? a) […] Continue reading →