Computer Awareness Quiz 1 – IBPS PO 2011 Computer question

Computer Awareness quiz 1. Solved computer questions from IBPS PO 2011 Exam (18th Sep 2011).  In this quiz we have asked only 10 questions to test your computer knowledge.  More Computer Quiz to come for Bank Exams. Test your Computer Knowledge Now!

To change selected text to ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, click the change case button, and then click______

A person who used his or expertise to gain access to other peoples computers to get information illegally or do damage is

A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be__________

Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym

The most common type of storage devices are___________

Codes consisting of lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer readable are known as_______

A website's main page is called it's__________

Part number, part description ,and number of parts ordered are examples of_______

To access properties of an object, the mouse technique to use is __________

Computers used the__________ number systems to store data and perform calculations

113 thoughts on “Computer Awareness Quiz 1 – IBPS PO 2011 Computer question

  1. these ques.. r very good.
    but i think The resuable optical … answer should be RW.

  2. Mayank Sharma` says:

    Reusable storage is – RW (It can be cd,dvd,blu ray)

  3. prashant srivastav says:

    grt 8/10

  4. Aurobind samantasinhar says:

    rw is the corect answer

  5. yes, RW is the right answer for Q-4.
    They better improve their GK of computers.
    Q-1 has no sense as long as it does not mention name of the associated text processing software.
    Q-8 is the silliest question invented ever.

  6. Murarithakur says:

    correct ans is r/w    i think 

  7. Rohitgautamcs87 says:

    You all are right the anwer is RW which stand for read write

  8. Zafarrizvi114 says:

    what is ans of question number 8??

  9. Good Evening Guys.
    Uttarbanga Kshetriya Gramin Bank headquartered at Coochbehar ka Officer Scale I aur Office Assistant written exam ka result out ho chuka hai “APPOINTMENT & CAREER NEWS ” sayal 05.05.2012 ya 06.05.2012 ko.

    Please update the said result in your website after collecting the said result and also provide the approx date when they will publish the final result of Officer Scale I result.

  10. Karthikprasad says:

    I think the most common type of storage devices is optical devices like CDs, DVDs.. how it will be the magnetic?? please help me..

  11. Nag Lovely92 says:

    i think the most type of storage devices is pendrives,r cds,dvd extra…how it will be magentic???????????????????????/

  12. Nag Lovely92 says:

    wt is the third qstn right ans…..?????????

  13. answer of question number 4,5 and 8 are wrong.kindly change it.

  14. I dont Understand question number 8 . plz help me

  15. No. 4 answer is given wrong one, correct acronym is – RW

  16. i think answers of 3,4,5 are wrong

  17. Abhishek Bandh says:


    OPNING DATE-07-12-12
    LAST DATE-      22-12-12

  18. 2. wireless

  19. i think Answer Of 1,3,and 5 are wrong…..

  20. Deepak_arya59 says:

    all answer are correct

  21. Joinalokmohan says:

    ans of first ques in CAPS LOCK

    • metta.suman says:

      right ans upper case
      go to ms word 2007 go for change case button appear like this
      (Aa) then select upper case

  22. this good quiz program,it is improving our system knowledge.. thank for, who started to it.

  23. Seems this site is compatible for Mobiles also when i am attempting computer awareness quiz i am able to mark the answer but after clicking on “Show Results” Buttons it is not showing which one is correct and which one is wrong in my mobile device. This is just displaying marked answers in dark letters. 

  24. Swetashandilya158 says:

    mera  v 13 5 wrong aa gya

  25. 5 right in 10

  26. 7 right from 10.
     it is a very good system for banking students. thank uuuuuuuuuuuu

  27. Durgeshpt0923 says:

    8 right out of 10….

  28. Rlisfreesince1990 says:

    8/10 i ve got…

  29.  7/10 got
    3 and 5 galat hua

  30. metta.suman says:

    3rd qn :a device that connects to a network without any cables is called wireless network

  31. 7 out of 10

  32. 9 out of 10

  33. metta.suman says:

    BINARY-base 2 system
    OCTAL-base 8 system
    DECIMAL-base 10 system
    HEXA DECIMAL-base 16 system

  34. metta.suman says:

    barcode is like this

  35. METTA.SUMAN says:

    CENTRALIZED network MEANS where all users connect to a central server, which is the acting agent for all communications. This server would store both the communications and the user account information. Most public instant messaging platforms use a centralized network

  36. 8 correct answers

  37. 05 questions have been correct ans. by me,

  38. Sanjoy Nabab says:

    7 out of 10

  39. 7 out of 10

  40. getting 9/10

  41. 9out of 10

  42. thank you… good job.

  43. i got 6/10

  44. Q no 5 answer is flash

  45. bahut question wrong hai

  46. harshitapandey says:

    9th out of 10

  47. hi could plz send banking awareness and computers knownledege my is

  48. 6 out of 10

  49. Shailendra Kumar says:

    6 on 10

  50. 10/6..

  51. Pradeep Surana says:


  52. 5 out of 10

  53. getting 6/10

  54. Got 9/10

  55. Please check quesition port num part descrption?
    isn’t it input?

  56. I got 8/10

  57. 7/10

  58. Somanath Mishra says:


  59. 5/10

  60. subodh chouhan says:


  61. hey

    From where can i get the banking exam question papers of last year
    Do any body can send me the PDFs.


  62. dharmendra sharma says:



  64. sada

  65. 8/10
    thanks for providing this

  66. Q 8 has two common answers………………………

  67. 10/10



  69. they have tried level best but in computer portion their are lots of errors are their i can remember one of two of the quizes where they have given different answers for the same questions and same options. see the quiz 1 and quiz 42 about the COMMON TYPE OF STORAGE DEVICE WHICH ARE USED. they have given two different answers for two different quiz.

  70. vinit pnb saharsa says:

    it great option of practic

  71. it great option of practic

  72. 8/10,thank u for this type of help

  73. Ask any type of Computer Query ?

  74. 1 and 3 got wrong

  75. 9/10 thanks

  76. pls tel me how to download to word

  77. I GOT 9/10

  78. I have scored 6 out of 10 without any study

  79. I too have scored 6 out of 10.. Are these questions of IBPS IT officer 2011? If so too easy.. Anybody has any idea about Professional Knowledge Eg: Topics like DBMS, Normalisation.. If so, please help..!!!! 🙁

  80. i got 8/10

  81. rajana sekhar says:

    please send total material to my mail

  82. its help to prepare a banking exam

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