Computer Awareness Quiz 10 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness Quiz No 10. This Computer Awareness Quiz is based on the Question Paper of RBI Assistant Recruitment Exam 2012. In this quiz we have asked only 8 questions to test your computer knowledge. More Computer Quiz to come for Bank Exams. Test your Computer Knowledge Now!

Expansion cards are inserted into

A device that connects to a network without the use of cable is said to be

A complete electronic circuit with transistors and other electronic components on a small silicon chip is called a(n)

Junk e-mail is also called

A program designed to destroy data on your computer which can travel to "infect" other computers is called a

___ shows the files, folders, and drives on your computer, making it easy to navigate from one location to another within the file hierarchy.

The  ___ manual tells you how to use a software program.

A collection of interrelated records is called a

28 thoughts on “Computer Awareness Quiz 10 – Computer Knowledge

  1. Amit Juneja says:

    very Simple

  2. Sandeep Ingole says:

    this is the very good and interesting,intelligent question and answer to improve my self knowledge
    I Love SBI

    Sundeep Ingole

  3. very simple questions,

  4. Thanku

  5. pls post some difficults sets of computer awareness as difficulty level is going to icrease in coming examination…

  6. vry simple.. post some difficult questions…….

  7. metta.suman says:

    Utility software usually focuses on how the computer infrastructure (including the computer hardware, operating system, application software and data storage) operates

  8. 10/10 none question was confusing

  9. i think 6 no. ques ans is my computer…

  10. 8/8 🙂 !

  11. i got this time 6/10

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