Computer Awareness Quiz 14 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Knowledge Questions. Computer Awareness Quiz 14. This Computer Awareness Quiz is based on the Question Paper of IBPS PO 2012 Exam (CWE PO -II). In this quiz we have asked only 10 questions to test your computer knowledge. More Computer Quiz to come for Bank Exams. Test your Computer Knowledge Now!

______ a document means the file is transferred from another computer to your computer.  

Which computer memory is used for storing programs and data currently being processed by the CPU ?

Computers that control processes accept data in a continuous  

What refers to a set of characters of a particular design ?  

_________ is used by public and private enterprises to publish and share financial information with each other and industry analysts across all computer platforms and the Internet.  

Which part of the computer is used for calculating and comparing ?

The method of Internet access that requires a phone line, but offers faster access speeds than dial-up is the connection.

__________ software creates a mirror image of the entire hard disk, including the operating system, applications, files, and data.  

What is a URL ?

What is the significance of a faded (dimmed) command in a pull-down menu ?

14 thoughts on “Computer Awareness Quiz 14 – Computer Knowledge

  1. Please check the answer for 7th question. digital subscriber line is answer i think. but you gave it as modem.

  2. modem is correct

  3. I think faded command is for non accessible command

  4. answer to 4 should be typeface !

  5. faded command is for non accessible

  6. 7/10

  7. 2nd 3rd and 4th these three question’s answer are wrong on this site

  8. sorry 2nd 4th and 8th are wrong

  9. abhishek singh says:

    8th ans is driver imaging
    And 10th ans is not currently accessible.

  10. for 4th one i think its typeface

  11. FOR SECOND ONE non volatile(RAM)

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