Computer Awareness Quiz 19 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness Quiz 19. Computer Knowledge Questions for Upcoming IBPS Clerk 2012-13 (CWE Clerk -II) Exam, SBI PO Exam 2012-2013.

What invention, developed in 1948, replaced vacuum tubes?

A keyboard and screen that has little, if any, local processing power is known as a:


What is a computer that provides software and other resources to computers over a network?

When a user has access to a high-end desktop computer with a large amount of processing power, he or she is using a:

Extra-light, ultra mobile notebook computers are sometimes known as:

In regard to a notebook computer, a docking station allows a user to:

A computer small enough to fit into a shirt pocket or purse is a:

Probably the fastest growing segment of the PC market is the area of:

A negative aspect of portable computers is:

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