Computer Awareness Quiz 28 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness Questions. Computer Knowledge Questions. Computer Awareness Quiz 28 for upcoming IBPS Clerk 2012-13 (CWE Clerk -II) Exam, SBI PO Exam 2012-2013.

A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n):

When a programmer checks to see if a program functions correctly and then corrects errors, it is known as:

For a program to be read by the CPU, it must be loaded into:

When reading a program, the CPU ____________ instructions from the program.

Machine language uses -

Java is referred to as -

A compiler is -

The process of eliminating problems and errors and improving the software is known as -

Operating systems and utility programs are in a class of software known as:

Every general-purpose computer must have a(n) -

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