Computer Awareness Quiz 31 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness Questions.  Computer Knowledge Questions. Computer Quiz 31 for upcoming IBPS Clerk 2012-13 (CWE Clerk -II) Exam, SBI PO Exam 2012-2013.

Integrated software packages generally include all EXCEPT a:

The primary application suite on the market is:

A document can be published to the Web if it converted to _____

Advanced word processing features include all EXCEPT creation of:

When someone receives a letter that appears to be personally addressed with customized paragraphs, yet you know it was not generated individually, it probably came from a word processor with

Software designed to be used by several people simultaneously is known as:

Speech-recognition software is most popular for:

Web pages are saved in ____________ format.

A form of digital paper that looks and feels somewhat like real paper is known as:

A budget for a business could best be created in a:

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  1. Rahul_thorat31 says:

    A form of digital paper tha looks like real paper is known as : ??

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    10/10…i am the best

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