Computer Awareness Quiz 4 – IBPS PO 2011 Computer question

Computer Awareness quiz 4. Solved computer questions from IBPS PO 2011 Exam (18th Sep 2011).  In this quiz we have asked only 10 questions to test your computer knowledge.  More Computer Quiz to come for Bank Exams. Test your Computer Knowledge Now!

31. The basic unit of a work sheet into which you enter data in excel is called a ______________

32. __________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors

33. Which ports connects special types of music instruments to sound cards?

34. The process of transferring files from a computer on the internet to your computer is called _____

35. In Excel, allows users to bring together copies of workbooks those others users have worked on independently

36. If you want to connect to your own computer through the internet from another location, you can use _________

37. To reload a web page, press the _______ button

38. Mobile commerce is best described as ______ processor consist of ____________ and ______________ which store and process images

40.________________ are words that a programing language has set aside for its own use

44 thoughts on “Computer Awareness Quiz 4 – IBPS PO 2011 Computer question

  1. Shyamili Tr says:


  2. shivaprasad023 says:

    Thanks. But your answers to  some of the questions are wrong. For Example 1) Music Insturments are connected to sound cards through MDI Port 2) “Reserved Words” are the words that programming languages has set aside for its own use. 



  4. i think answer for 33rd question is MIDI but not MDI.

  5. Dandora Bharti says:

    uploading- from computer to internet

  6. in 2nd attempt i got 9 out of 10,

  7. metta.suman says:

    formating means arrangement of data for storage /display

  8. the answer of question no.40 is will be control structures

  9. 5/10

  10. Harshit Srivastava says:

    6/10 second time

  11. in first attempt i got


  12. Mubi Moirangthem Meitei says:


  13. Dipesh Parmar says:

    got it 8 out of 10

  14. answer 39 and 36 are wrong

  15. 6/10

  16. 39 is definately wrong !!!!!!!! admin change it plzz to CPU n MEMORY

  17. Manasa Reddy says:

    Friends even 34th answer is wrong..its uploading not downloading..

  18. swarna latha says:

    i got 9

  19. its uploading buddy

  20. 40. reserved words should be the ans.plz chek it again..

  21. Prannay Behera says:

    key words is the correct answer…because in a programming language like C we have keywords like int,float,double.likewise in different programming language different keywords are available…

  22. this site are unbeatable

  23. your site is the best. and its question is helped me in my itt training

  24. Baba ji ka thullu says:


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