Computer Awareness Quiz 50 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness Quiz 50. Computer Knowledge Question for upcoming IBPS Clerk 2012-13 (CWE Clerk -II) Exam, SBI PO Exam 2012-2013.

Computers use the __________ number system to store data and perform calculations.

There are __________ bits in one byte.

The text code originally used in personal computers.

The __________ performs simple math for the CPU.

A(n) __________ is one instruction from a program.

The __________ is the electronic pathway between components in the computer.

The __________ controls how often the computer executes a task.

A remote batch-processing operation in which data is solely input to a central computer would require

Multiple processor systems that are required to have an even number of processors are said to be __________ multiple processors.

Newer projectors utilize __________ to achieve clearer and brighter images.

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