Computer Awareness Quiz 6 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness quiz 6. Important Questions for SBI Clerical Examination 2012 Clerk Recruitment Exam 2012 – Computer Knowledge.  In this quiz we have asked only 10 questions to test your computer knowledge.  More Computer Quiz to come for Bank Exams. Test your Computer Knowledge Now!

1. A keyboard is this kind of device—

2. IT stands for—

3. Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers ?

4. A collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is a—

5. The process of a computer receiving information from a server on the Internet is known as—

6. Which part of the computer helps to store information ?

7. ………………is the process of carrying out commands.

8. The role of a_____generally is to determine a buyer’s needs and match it to the correct hardware and software.

9. Which of the following groups consist of only output devices ?

10. The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data, and/or information is a—

34 thoughts on “Computer Awareness Quiz 6 – Computer Knowledge

  1. thanks for these bit, if possible post some more, it is very help full

  2. Purtiawasthi says:



    it is very nice to get on the knowledge of computer

  4. thank u so much

  5. thanx,i solved 8 out of 10 questions,pls  send more n more

  6. i also solved 8 out of 10 question

  7. I solved 7 out of 10 questions

  8. I think plotter, printer monitor are output devices but in Q. No. 9 Answer in None of these.  Please clear it.

  9. Bhargav Cena99 says:

    1st attempt i got 10/10

  10. Q.9 should be revised…

  11. metta.suman says:

    india’s first super computer -PARAM developed by centre for development of advanced computing collobaration with russia

  12. metta.suman says:

    world’s 1st super computer – CRAY 1
    BY simon cray at cdc(control data corporation)

  13. i got 10/10

  14. Harshit Srivastava says:


  15. i got 9/10

  16. i got 9 out of 10

  17. 8 out of 10

  18. i got 10/10 thank u its very useful.

  19. I got 9/10.

  20. finally ! 10 🙂

  21. 8/10

  22. 9 at last

  23. pradyumna kumar sahu says:

    8 ahh

  24. I got 10/10 thanks.It’s very useful

  25. Himanshu Shrivastava says:

    I got 10/10

  26. sanjay kumar says:


  27. arra kiran kumar says:

    at first time 9 out of 10.
    it very useful

  28. I have got 8/10.

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