Computer Awareness Quiz 9 – Computer Knowledge

Computer Awareness Quiz No 9. This Computer Awareness Quiz is based on the Question Paper of RBI Assistant Recruitment Exam 2012. In this quiz we have asked only 10 questions to test your computer knowledge. More Computer Quiz to come for Bank Exams. Test your Computer Knowledge Now!

What happens when you boot up a PC?

Linux is an example of

Which of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?

A   ____ is used to read handwritten or printed text to make a digital image that is stored in memory.

You organize files by storing them in

A ___ is a pre-designed document that already has coordinating fonts, a layout, and a background.

What is the default file extension for all Word documents?

Removing and replacing devices without turning off your computer is referred to as

Specialized programs that assist users in locating information on the Web are called

Compiling creates a(n)

24 thoughts on “Computer Awareness Quiz 9 – Computer Knowledge

  1. Nagendranayak says:


  2. a lot of thanks for providings us………………………………

  3. Veena Bhargavi says:

    Can somebody help me in providing stuff for preparation for ibps 2012 Dec atleast wat to refer

  4. The answer to the last question must be error free program .. as it is the interpreter that generates the executable .. plz correct it
    n linux is an exaple of an Operating System not a software

  5. metta.suman says:

    compiler converts source code into object code to create an executable program.

  6. metta.suman says:

    bug means error or defect

  7. metta.suman says:

    synthesis means combination of two or more entities

  8. 10/10 good na

  9. Q8 answer is wrong true answer is hot swaping

  10. 8/10

  11. 6 🙁

  12. for last question ans should b 1 .error free program

  13. Gourab Karmakar says:

    hot swapping is the correct answer for ques no 8…

  14. 9/10 i got

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