Fourth BRICS Summit highlights, organised in New Delhi

The Fourth BRICS Summit was hosted in New Delhi on March 29, 2012 under the overarching theme of “BRICS Partnership for Global Stability, Security and Prosperity.” The Summit has imparted further momentum to the BRICS process. The Summit was attended by Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, the Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, the Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, the Chinese President, Hu Jintao, and the South African President, Jacob Zuma. participated in the fourth BRICS Summit in New Delhi on March 29, 201.2. The Delhi Declaration, capturing the essence of discussion as well as putting forth common position of BRICS countries on various economic and political issues of global and regional importance was issued at the end of the Summit.

Highlights of the BRICS Summit:

  • Solution to problems in West Asia, North Africa, Iran and Syria through dialogue and UN
  • Supporting developing country candidate for World Bank President’s post
  • Prioritizing food, water and energy security solutions
  • Reforms in IMF, World Bank and UN Security Council by increasing representation from developing countries
  • Co-operation for stabilization of Afghanistan
  • Countering terrorism and piracy
  • Creation of jobs and skill development
  • Enhancing growth and trade in BRICS countries
  • Breathe life into WTO’s Doha Round
  • Infrastructure development in BRICS region
  • Fair and equitable distribution of income to solve income in¬equalities
  • Sharing experiences to solve problems arising out of urbanization
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BRICS Summit highlights

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