Sanjaya Rajaram won World Food Prize 2014 – Agri Nobel

Indian scientist Sanjaya Rajaram has won the prestigious World Food Prize for the year 2014 for his contribution to developing high-yield wheat cultivars ‘Kauz’ and ‘Attila’. World Food Prize is considered as the Nobel prize of food and agriculture.

Rajaram is the seventh Indian to win the prize. World Food Prize was instituted by agriculture scientist Norman E Borlaug in 1986.

The wheat varieties produce at least 15% higher a yield than any other type, by holding more grains on each stalk, and are currently cultivated over more than 40 million hectares across the world.

Previous Indian Winner of World Food Prize 2014:

  • 2005 – Dr Modadugu Vijay Gupta
  • 2000 – Dr Surinder K. Vasal
  • 1998 – Dr B. R. Barwale
  • 1996 – Dr Gurdev Khush
  • 1989 – Dr Verghese Kurien
  • 1987 – Prof. M. S. Swaminathan

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