India’s GDP Growth Forecast: Current Affairs 2014-15

India’s GDP Growth Forecast. India GDP Forecast. GDP Growth Rate Projection of India. Current Affairs 2014-15. India’s GDP Growth Forecast for the Financial Year 2014-15.

World Bank Forecast GDP growth rate for India:

  • World Bank lowers India’s GDP growth forecast for 2014‐15 at 5.7 % (Earlier it was 6.5%)

IMF’s GDP growth:

  • IMF projected GDP growth for India in 2014‐15 at ‐ 5.4 %

India’s GDP growth:

  • RBI pegged 2014‐15 GDP growth at a central estimate of 5.5 %
  • ADB pegs India GDP growth rate for 2014‐15 at 5.5 %.

Last Update: June 6, 2014.

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    • 1)For private visits abroad, other than to Nepal and Bhutan, viz., for
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