Microsoft launches Windows 8

Microsoft launches Windows 8. – Microsoft launches Windows 8 in India, expects its 14,000 business partners will switch to new OS.

Microsoft, an American multinational tech-giant headquartered in Washington, unveiled a radical redesign of its world-dominating Windows operating system – Windows 8 on Thursday, calling it a ‘modern user interface’ for both end consumers and enterprises..

The company has been developing this operating system (OS) for the last one year and since its announcement of preview availability in June, there have been 16 million downloads worldwide, the company said.

The new OS has the advantage of being used in all kinds of devices from smartphones to laptops and desktops. However, for migration into existing devices such as smartphones, there should be Windows 7 as minimum requirement.

One person called it historic, unique, said Steven Sinofsky, head of Microsoft’s Windows unit and the driving force behind Windows 8, who opened the launch event in New York in front about 1,000 media and PC industry partners.

It’s twice the amount of storage as a competing tablet for the same price, Sinofsky said, comparing the entry level 32 GB Surface with the cheapest 16 GB model of Apple’s latest full-sized iPad, which both cost $499.

“It is deeply personalized, great for keyboards and mouse, and optimised for touch. We have huge number of applications and more are added every day,” Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India said.

The company has around 14,000 partners in sectors including retail, banking, financial services, media and entertainment in India and is expecting them to move to the latest version in the near future.

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