Mullaperiyar Dam – Current Affairs 2012 Questions

The Mullaperiyar Dam is in News for quiet some time due to the ongoing dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Here is some GK questions that may asked from this Dam.

  1. Mullaperiyar Dam located in which state? a) Kerala b) Tamil Nadu c) Karnataka d) A.P e) None of these
  2. On which river Mullaperiyar Dam was built? a) Krishna b) Godavari c) Periyar d) Ganges e) None of these
  3. On which district the Mullaperiyar Dam is situated? – Idukki District in Kerala
  4. When the dam was built 116 years ago, it was under which presidency? a) Bombay b) Madras c) Kolkata d) Trichin ) None of these
  5. Who is the present chief minister of Kerala? – Oommen Chandy
  6. Who is the present chief minister of Tamil Nadu? – Jai Lalita


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