Nobel Prize 2013 for Medicine: James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Sudhof win Nobel Prize 2013 for Medicine

Nobel Prize 2013 for Medicine – James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Sudhof win 2013 Nobel prize for medicine.

The discovery of a complex transport system within the human body that makes cells deliver life-saving proteins and molecules at the right place and in the right time – vital for our survival, has been awarded the sns-rt-us-nobel-medicine-20131007-0012013 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.

Americans James Rothman (Yale), and Randy Schekman ( University of California) and German-born Thomas Sudhof ( Stanford University) have been awarded the world’s top medicine prize for discovering the molecular principles that govern how this cargo is delivered.

The Nobel Committee announced on Monday that the trio have been honoured for “their discoveries of machinery regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells” – a discovery that will help explain the release of insulin into the blood, communication between nerve cells and the way viruses like tetanus infect cells and kill thousands of children every year. Each prize is worth $1.2m.

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