Nuclear Security Summit 2012 organised in Seoul

Nuclear Security Summit was organized in Seoul on March 27, 2012. World leaders called on March 27, 2012 for strong steps to combat nuclear terrorism at the 53-nation summit. “Today we have set a new milestone in making the world a safer and more peaceful place,” said South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak, who hosted the summit, at the end of the two-day event. The leaders from 53 nations called in a communique for steps to minimize civilian use of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU), which can be used to make bombs. They also called for safeguarding world stockpiles of HEU and plutonium, and tightening security of radioactive material that could be used to create a “dirty” bomb.

The six-page Seoul Communique released at the end of the summit outlined several other areas for action, including security of radioactive sources that terrorists could use to make “dirty bombs,’ incorporating security features in nu-clear plant design and ensuring terrorists are not able to dis-rupt information-technology based control systems at nuclear facilities.

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