Green Nobel: Ramesh Agrawal won Goldman Environmental Prize 2014

Green Nobel 2014: Environmental activist Ramesh Agrawal won Goldman Environmental Prize 2014.

Environmental activist Ramesh Agrawal won the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for the year 2014 by San Francisco based Goldman Environmental Foundation. Environmental_activist_Ramesh_Agrawal

The prize is commonly called as the Green Nobel. The prize honours the heroic grassroot environmentalists around the world for their achievements.

The first Goldman Environmental Prize was given in 1990 on Earth Day, that is 22 April. Since then, the prize is announced each year on Earth day.

Agrawal was awarded for his contribution to control the unchecked industrial development throughout India, specially in Chhattisgarh.

Recipients of 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize:

  • Desmond D’Sa of South Africa.
  • Ramesh Agrawal of India.
  • Suren Gazaryan of Russia.
  • Rudi Putra of Indonesia.
  • Helen Holden Slottje of America.
  • Ruth Buendia Mestoquiari of Peru.
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