Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2013: Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Awards

Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2013. Winners of Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2013.

The Ramon Magsaysay Award is an annual award established to perpetuate former Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay’s example of integrity in government, Ramon Magsaysay Awardscourageous service to the people, and pragmatic idealism within a democratic society. The Ramon Magsaysay Award is often considered Asia’s Nobel Prize.

The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation on 24 July 2013 announced the Ramon Magsaysay Awards for the year 2013 to three individuals and two organizations for changing their societies for the better.

Awarded Uncategorized:

  • Habiba Sarobi aged 55,First Female governor of Afgan Province of Bamyan,received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award for the year 2013.She was recognized for promoting education and woman’s right.
  • Lahpai Seng Raw,Founder of Myanmar’s largest civil society group,has also been honored with the award for helping people across ethnic groups under conditions of armed conflict.
  • The Nepalese group Shakti Samuha (Power Group), formed by survivors of human trafficking, has recognised for helping fellow victims by setting up halfway homes and emergency shelters.

Awarded under Emergent Leadership category:

  • Ernesto Domingo, a 76-year-old Physician honored for dedicating his career to pushing for the poor’s access to Health services and for groundbreaking and successful advocacy of neonatal Hepatitis vaccination that has saved millions of lives in the Philippines.
  • The Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Corruption Eradication Commission), Indonesia’s independent anti-corruption Government body, was honored for a 100-percent conviction rate in the 169 cases it fought between 2004 and 2010, during which it recovered more than US 80 million dollars in stolen assets.

The awards are scheduled to be awarded on August 31, 2013.

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