State of the World’s Mothers’ Report 2013: India at Top in List of 1st Day Deaths of Infants

India at Top in List of 1st Day Deaths of Infants – State of the World’s Mothers’ Report 2013.

Save the Children released its 14th annual State of the World’s Mothers (SOTWM) report: ‘Surviving the First Day.’

This year’s edition focuses on the staggering number of newborn deaths that occur in a baby’s earliest days — and the opportunity to reduce this universal tragedy.State Of The World's Mothers Report 2013

The SOTWM report is released each year around Mother’s Day to provide a global status report of maternal and infant health worldwide. It includes data on women’s health, children’s health and economic wellbeing for 176 countries.

India holds the record of first day death of newborns than any other country of the world. As per the latest report released, India accounts to more than 309300 deaths of new born on the first day and accounts to 29 percent of the global population.

The basic reason for the deaths of the infants of the first day as per the records of the report are the complications associated with the preterm birth, maternal health and hygiene standards.

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