Telangana will be 29th state of Republic of India

Telangana will be 29th state of Republic of India. New Indian State – Telengana

Telangana, one of the three regions of Andhra Pradesh, will be carved out as India’s 29th state; the industrial hub of Hyderabad will be a common capital for the next 10 years, the Congress said today.

The decision to create a Telangana state, a process that’s likely to take six months, was cleared this evening first by the parties in the ruling coalition and then by the Congress’s powerful Working Committee.

TelanganaTelangana will be comprising 10 districts with plenty of water and some other natural resources in a backward region lacking development that was at the heart of the separate state demand.

As and when the state is formed, the jewel in the crown will always be the city of Hyderabad, which may for some time, at least 10 years to start with, be the joint capital for the rest of Andhra.

With a population of over 3.5 crore, the new state comprising mostly the areas of the princel Nizam state will have 17 Lok Sabha seats and 119 Assembly seats.

When it joins the Indian Union, people of the region would hope that the new identity would help them overcome the challenges of poverty and backwardness which were at the roots of the separate state movement.

The demand for a separate identity for Telangana is virtually as old as the state of Andhra Pradesh, which came into existence in November 1956 through the States Reorganisation Act.

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  1. desh ko tukde tukde kr k rakh diya… in netao ne…

  2. may be in the coming years..dis decision will prove beneficiary for the ppl of dis state..

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