US Government Shout Down: US Government shuts down in 17 years

US Shout Down: United States Government shuts down in 17 years.

The United States Government on October 1, 2013 Shut Down — the first time since 1995-96 — as the Republican and the Democrats failed to reach an agreement on spending and budget mainly due to their differences over the healthcare reforms, which is popular as Obamacare.

govt-shutdown-usWith neither side blinking, despite last minute hectic efforts from both side, the White House immediately ordered the Federal Government agencies to begin shutting down, furloughing thousands of workers and curtailing some services for the first time in nearly 18 years.

“Congress has not fulfilled its responsibility. It has failed to pass a budget and, as a result, much of our government must now shut down until Congress funds it again,” Obama said in a video message to the armed services shortly after the shutdown came into effect.

Shutdown, the first in 17 years, means that national parks will close, most routine food inspections will be suspended, paperwork will slow at government offices and many federal employees will be furloughed.

Only emergency and essential items would be able to operate, as a result of which lakhs of government employees would not receive their salary for the duration of the government shutdown.

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