Xi Jinping becomes President of China

Xi Jinping becomes President of China; Hu Jintao is stepping down.China’s leader Xi JinpingXi Jinping-President of China has become president, completing the formal transition of power to a new generation in the world’s second-largest economy.

The country’s legislature appointed him with a ritual ballot at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People. Delegates supported the sole candidate by 2,952 to one, with three abstentions.

It was China’s second orderly succession since Communist party rule began in 1949.

Xi’s real power stems from his position as general secretary of the party and accompanying role as chairman of its military commission, the positions he took over from Hu Jintao last November.

In reality, Xi had been chosen by the party elite long before he took over in the once-a-decade shift. Consolidating his authority is also an ongoing process in a collective leadership where elders retain strong influence.

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