IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience: Bhabatosh Pani

IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience. IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Bhabatosh Pani, Odisha.

Banking Awareness helped me a lot during my preparation . so i want to share my interview experience.

ibps clerk 2012-13 Common InterviewName: Bhabatosh pani
State: Odisha
Score: 130
Category: General
Date: 23/03/13, 1 pm
Place: UCO Bank,BBSR

Questions asked during IBPS Clerk Common Interview:

M1- What is your Name? Your district? Tell me about your family.
M2- Details of my village,about cultivation.
M3- What is NABARD?
M1- What is your Hobby?
M4- What is financial inclusion?

Then they said ok and asked me to leave.

However the interview was good. The board was very good. I got my 1st experience very good. Thank you.

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We thank Bhabatosh Pani for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

7 thoughts on “IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience: Bhabatosh Pani

  1. bhabatosh pani says:

    this is my experience. feeling was awsom.

  2. rahul arora says:

    The panel asked me the following questions:

    They are checking both local language and english

    1 Introduce yourself?

    2. How your studies will help banks? why banking after IT?

    3. About advancements in modern banking

    4. Role of IT in banking and what is BASEL NORMS

    5. What is financial inclusion and how to achieve it

    6. What are the recent developments in banking sector

    7. Questions from family background

    8. some questions from subject


    interview was nice. my interview was on 23 march. how was my interview i am not sure.they frist ask me my name then they go with banking question.

    1 which tax bank collect?

    2 how will you treat the customer who comes to your bank?

    3 what is cash management?

    4 bank that keep asset with them is what amount, think about the basic and low level in bank and its not the SLR?

    5 my family back ground?

    6 my job and about my education?

    7 what is kyc?

    8what is money laundering?

    9privete bank which get involve in money laundering?

    what is RBI, Establishment and nationalization ?

    10 my hobbies

    11 what is zoology as its my one of the subject of my graduation ?
    these are the question which i face and my experience about bank interview . my interview was about 15-20 minite

  4. ibps is conducting interviews in how many centers of odisha?

  5. plz avail sbi po 07/08/2011 paper as it will be very useful for many job aspirants.thank u

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