IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 11: Nagendra Lakshmi Kumar Satti

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Nagendra Lakshmi Kumar Satti (M.Sc),  Andhra pradesh Candidate. IBPS Common Interview Experience. IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 11.

Nagendra Lakshmi Kumar Satti_www.bankingawareness.comName: Nagendra Lakshmi Kumar Satti ( M.Sc.) ,
Catogery: General, Andhra pradesh,
Score: 131
Venue: Hotel Alankar Inn,Vijayawada,
Date : 27-03-2013 (after noon),
Panel-2: Four Member ( M1,M2,M3 and F1)

Questions Asked during IBPS Clerk Common Interview:

Q-M 1: Self Introduction, Education & Family back ground, Regarding My Job exp, Why banking, Biocon ltd. CEO& it’s produts, Previous Exams appeared & qualified.

Q-M 2: First governor general of India, Hobbies, Where ‘ Pataliputra’ is located in India.

Q-M 3: NABARD, Financial inclusion, RRB’s.

Q-F1 : Organic chemistry means, Organic Food means, What is meant by Customer Satisfaction.

Finally they said ‘All the best’.

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