IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 12: Ravi Kumar Singh

IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience of Ravi Kumar Singh, West Bengal Candidate. IBPS Common Interview Experience.

One thing is for sure I got 30 marks out of 40 in GA section of Clerk-2 and that is only because of Banking Awareness.

ibps clerk 2012-13 Common InterviewName: Ravi Kumar Singh
State: West Bengal
Score: 133
Category: General
Date: 23/03/2013
Slot: 8:30 AM
Place: UBI Staff Training College,Alipore,Kolkata.
Panel: 4 Members(3M,1F)

Questions Asked during IBPS Clerk Common Interview:

1.What is the difference between LBD and Commercial Banks?
2.How does bank earns profit?
3.Suppose you have an FD with our bank and now i have to give your interest so how do i give you that?
4.Where must bank invest so as to make maximum profit?
5.Union Home Minister?
6.Union Coal Minister?
7.Union Railways Minister?
8.Chairman of the Planning Commission?
9.Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission?
10.Union Finance Minister?
11.Union Petroleum Minister?
12.What is a protocol?
13.Do you know to read Bengali?(Bangla porte janen? I said i will try and he handed me a newspaper and i read it in tits and bits)
14.Do you know to write Bengali?(Bangla likhte janen? I said again i will try nijer babar naam likhun,address likhun)
15.Why do you want to join banks?

Before all these questions one member of the panel as soon as i entered the interview room went ballistic on me

He said:
M1:(Mid 40s) You are an engineer,you people must not come to banks,then he asked my 12th percentage and said you are a good student,why have you left your job for government exams?
I think you are home sick and nothing else.

M2:(Late 50s) You engineers use the bank’s platform as a spring board and the money we spend on training you people all gets wasted. I don’t see any use of and ECE engineer. All banks are being merged so you will not get any chance to go up the ladder its all a pyramid.you will stuck in the bottom of the pyramid and waste your life.

Again M1:
What was your take home salary?
What is the salary given to the people of this post(Clerk)?
Do you know the difference in amount?
What is your written score ?
He said:Very Good you must have prepared for the exam all by your self.

As i was to say something all said thank you.

Ravi Kumar Singh sent his Interview Experience on our email id, If you want to share your Interview Experience send it now on our facebook group/page or email it on bankingawareness@yahoo.com.

We thank Ravi Kumar Singh for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

5 thoughts on “IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 12: Ravi Kumar Singh

  1. please explain LDB???????

  2. SOMNATH BANIK says:

    what is LBD ?

  3. Sarabjit Singh says:

    My Interview Experience- 12 Feb 14 1300 hrs
    Cat – EXM
    State – Chandigarh
    Score- 108
    Venue- PNB Panchukula

    After document Verification I was told to be seated for my turn.
    Then I was given a piece of paper and asked to write in Hindi What I can do for bank within 5 years if selected in just 3- 4 sentences.

    Inside Panel room 4 persons including 1 lady member.
    As I entered the room I wished the lady first and then all other members.
    M1 : Are you still in service.
    Replied Yes.
    M1 when are you going to be retired.
    M2 Recently one pilot lost his life and he belongs to Chandigarh. Can you Name Him.
    I said Sorry Sir I donot Know
    M1 you are working in chandigarh?
    I said No sir, I am presently working in Mumbai.
    M2 Ok Then you must have not heard about him.
    M1.which is the higest gallentry award in armed forces?
    Replied Param Vir Chakra.
    What is the total capacity of MI 17 H/c.
    M2 recently a MI 17 H/C crashed in uttarakhand. What was the problem.
    Replied. Again M1 what is the speed of Mi17 H/c.
    Then M1 asked M3 to ask question.
    M3 What is Financial Inclusion.
    M4. Who issue Pan card.
    Replied. Income Tax department.
    M4 who issue Aaadhar card
    Replied. UID Department.
    Again M1 what is a bank and its Role.
    M2 what is online Banking?
    M2 How it is useful
    Again M1 If you are allotted a bank in a remote place where there is no power supply. How will you find yourself

    Then they said OK you may go now.
    I Thanked them

  4. Soni Kumari says:

    I belong to general and scored 122 marks in ibps clerk written exam held in nov-dec 2013 and my interview was good . will there be chance that I might be posted anywhere?

  5. Soni Kumari says:

    even after common interview conducted by ibps, will banks take interview individually?plz reply anyone who has experience of this.

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