IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 5: Madhukar Singh

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Madhukar Singh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Candidate. IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience. IBPS Common Interview Experience.

I am a regular reader of BANKING AWARENESS; it helps me in my preparations a lot, so I want to share my experience.

ibps clerk 2012-13 Common InterviewName: Madhukar Singh
Qualification: B.Tech.( I.T.)
Date: 21 March 2013
Marks: 136 ( GEN, U.P.)
Time: 8:30 AM, Panel: 9 ( 3 Sir, 1 mam ),
Time taken: near about 20 min

As I entered the interview room they asked me to call the previous student because they forget to ask his marks, after that I entered again. ALL questions were asked in Hindi.

Questions Asked during IBPS Clerk Common Interview:

1) What is your score?
2) What does your father do ?
3) How many family members do you have, tell about them and what they do ?
4) Do you know something about banking ( because I am a b.tech. so may be because of this they asked this, I said yes but basics, If he asks I will try)
5) Why a bank job, Why not a software engineering ?( I said I want a gov job )
6) Were you placed in college or not?
7) If you want a gov job, tell us which is highest job a fresher can get? ( I replied IAS )
8) Then why don’t you go for IAS, Why a clerk ?( I replied)
9) Why not a PO, don’t you think clerk is below your level?
10) What is bank?
11) Tell me types of banks?
12) Do you have heard about Repo Rate, what is this?
13) Have RBI changed any of key rates recently, name those ?( I replied )
14) What will be effect of reducing Repo Rate by RBI?
15) How many times RBI issue monitory policy in a year?
16) When it was last issued?
17) What is CRR?
18) How much is this?
19) IF CRR is reduced, what will happen?
20) Effect of reducing CRR over general public?
21) What is CAR?
22) What is difference between cheque and Demand Draft?
23) Can a Demand Draft be made by cheque?
24) What is maximum period for a FD?
25) What is NPA?
26) Effect of increased NPA over bank’s profit?
28) What are headlines of today ?( asked about north Korea, Bangladesh and Sri lanka )
29) Asked recent incident about UPA and support drawn by DMK?

Interview was much longer than I expected. They asked nothing from my graduation. Interview went good . Hopes are good, let’s see.

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We thank Madhukar Singh for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

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