IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 6: Deepan Bhowmik

IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience. IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Deepan Bhowmik, Kolkata, West Bengal Candidate. IBPS Common Interview Experience.

ibps clerk 2012-13 Common InterviewName: Deepan Bhowmik
Qualification: MCA (final year)
Date: 24/03/2013
Venue: United Bank of India, Staff Training Centre (Kolkata)
Time: 1 pm but entered at 5:15 in the evening
Panel 12: 4 members(3 male 1 female)
Time taken : 15 minutes

I entered the room, Greeted them ,And took my sit.

Questions asked during IBPS Clerk Common Interview:

Following questions were asked in Bengali

1. What is your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. Which college?why that college?
4. Graduation from which college?
5. Father’s occupation(i replied bank)
6. Then they asked questions about my father, also asked about the chairman of my father’s bank.
7.Your father works outside Kolkata…you must miss him…then why are you opting for this job as you will also have to travel outside

Then the lady spoke in Hindi

8. What are the arithmetic operators?
9. Then she asked me to write a program to generate a natural number series
10. Finally they asked a last question…what is wiretrap?

Then i thanked them and left the hall.

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  1. wht is ur marks in IBPS?

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