IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 7: Jyoti Nishad

IBPS Common Interview Experience. IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience. IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Jyoti Nishad, Kanour, Uttar Pradesh Candidate.

My Name is Jyoti Nishad. I am from Kanpur UP. My Interview was held in
Kanpur on 20th March 2013. That was My first Experience.  My Interview was good and All members were Supportive One Mam was in my Panel. She was also very supportive.

ibps clerk 2012-13 Common InterviewName: Jyoti Nishad
Score: 123/200 (UP)
Category: OBC
Place: The President Hotel, Kanpur
Panel: III
Education: Graduation and Engg Diploma in IT.

Questions Asked During My IBPS Common Interview:

Q1 – Who was Nishadraj?
Q2 – What was he do?
Q3 – What is your father doing?
Q4 – How many brother and sister you are and what do they do?
Q5 – Where do you live?
Q6 – Why you want to come in banking sector?
Q7 – How will you deal with customers in bank if we appoint you?
Q8 – What is the working function of banks?
Q9 – What is the main source of banks?
Q10 – Any other Source of income of banks and other banking schemes?
Q11 – What is NABARD?
Q12 – Working of NABARD?
Q13 – Who are Veerbhadra ji, Tarun Gagoyi ji etc.. Many other politicians?
Q14 – Tell me about CV Raman and what was He invented?
Q15 – From which field Raman Effect is belonged?
Q16 – main news of last night news of news channels?
Q17 – Why DMK head withdraw from UPA Government?
Q18 – What is the matter behind it describe in detail?
Q19 – Tell me National Tree, National Bird?
Q20 – Who is to be appointed as RBI Governor?
Q21 – In Which Date he will take charge as RBI Governor?

Then They all happily said You may leave now.
My first Experience was very Good.

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We thank Jyoti Nishad for sharing his/her Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him/her all Success in life.

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  1. it was deft interview , but i were really strange in my interview they did not ask any question from banking, i am from delhi

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