IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience 8: Kuldeep Verma

IBPS Clerk Common Interview Experience. IBPS Clerk Interview Experience of Kuldeep Verma. IBPS Common Interview Experience.

ibps clerk 2012-13 Common InterviewName: Kuldeep Verma
Qualification : B.A.(With Computer Network Technician Diploma), PGDCA
Date: 18/3/2013
Venue: Central Bank of India (regional office)
Time: 8.30 (but entered in interview room at 9.40)
Panel: VII (3 sirs, 1 madam)
Time Taken: 15 min

Questions asked during IBPS Clerk Common Interview:

1. What is Your name?
2. Where are you from?
3. What is your father?
4. Tell me about yourself?
5. Governor of Rajasthan?
6. RBI Governor?
7. How many Deputy Governor in RBI and name?
8. What is financial Inclusion?
9. What is cobra scam?
10. Why you want to go in Banking Sector?
11. News Paper Head lines?
12. Can you go for work in rural area? Because i belong to village.
13. Ask about my family?

Panel members was very friendly..they smile all time and make me tense free.

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We thank Kuldeep Verma for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

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