FAQs about IBPS Common Interview: Know Your Interview

FAQs about IBPS Common Interview: Know Your Interview.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about IBPS Common Interview:

Bank-interview-questions-ibps-common-Interview1) Where can I get IBPS application print out ?

Ans : IBPS will activate links for both RRB & IBPS PO,clerk before interviews start,nothing to worry about that.

2) Can I give interview in hindi/mother tongue ?

Ans : You should ideally reply in the language interviewers asks,however if you think you are unable to answer in English ,you may seek permission ,generally they will allow. In case they don’t speak slowly but clearly,voice should be clear & audible.

3)What kind of Dress to wear?

Ans : For boys formals with tie,black formal polished shoes, don’t wear designer belts,
For girls if you are not comfortable in western formals then salwar is fine. It must be plain & simple & if you wear accessories. Make sure its minimal & not flashy.

4) Entry & exit from interview room

Ans : Knock & ask for permission before you go in, similarly before you leave interview room wish them , both time close the door carefully make sure you don’t bang it.

5) Sitting in chair ?

Ans : Don’t sit before they ask you to sit,sometimes chairs are revolving one’s & people have slipped before interview panel,so be careful with it,in case you still do don’t get nervous its fine. Get up with a smile & say sorry & take your place calmly.

6) how to answer ?

Ans : Don’t be in hurry to answer a question, be calm, you have you time,answer precisely but clearly.

7) What to prepare ?

Ans Your subject background,banking sector, your state & locality, recent happenings in world,read newspaper before you go to interview.

What is asked ?

Ans : Generally their will be four categories

a) Introductory- Tell us about yourself, your strength,weakness,family etc

b) From your subject-Grad/PG/Both

c) Current affairs,state,country,locality etc

d) banking – from RBI monetary policy,to NPA ,evrythng can be their,sometimes situations are given like say you have deficit cash at the end of the day what will you do, you have excess cash at the end of the day what will you do etc,in such question if necessary,take 1 min time from them to answer.

9) Documents required

Ans : List of documents required is given of IBPS PO original notification, however it may also be mentioned in your call letter too, in case you couldn’t find a document on the day of interview or any correction required don’t panic tell the person verifying documents they will correct it or take a declaration from you.

10) How marks will be calculated ?

Ans : The ratio of written & interview is 80:20

The marks scored by you is converted into percentage ,say someone has scored 100/200 his percentage will be 50% ,now his weigted marks will be 50*80%=40

Now if he scores 80 in interview 20% of that marks will be added ,i.e= 16 ,so his total will be 56.

Good Luck (Y).

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  3. i am married…in interview i have to tell about this or not? my husband is soft ware employ. may be they may think like…this girl wont come if posted in rural areas…so what can i do? suggest me plz…

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