IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 1: IBPS Common Interview

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience, IBPS Common Interview Questions. IBPS PO Common Interview Experience.

First day first interview of IBPS PO Common Interview at Bank of India, Noida.  After the document verification is done i was asked by them to wait for the Interview. I was the first person to get interviewed. There were four person in the Interview panel.

I took permission before entering the room. After entering, i said “Good Morning Sirs”, then they asked me to sit on the chair (It was a revolving chair).

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience ImageQuestions Asked during Common Interview:

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Then they asked few questions about my family.

3. What are the subjects you studied?

Then they asked few question on Subjects that I’ve studied in my Degree Course.

4. What are the latest developments in banking sector?

Answer: Banking Regulation Act Amendment, Entry of corporate houses in banking sector,Basel Norms get delayed etc.

They asked many questions from these topics.

5. What is Connected Lending?

6. What is Cheque Truncation System?

7. What is Basel Norms?

8. There were some questions on Current Affairs like  Indo-Pak ties, Killing and Mutilation of Soldiers, Ceasefire violation by Pakistan etc.

9. They asked about my Hobbies.

Answer: I like playing sports.

Then they started asking more questions.

10. Which sports?

Answer: I like to play and watch Cricket and Tennis.

Then they started asking me about latest news on Cricket and Tennis; they asked few questions on Sachin Tendulkar.

11. Why banking?

12. Will you be ready to work anywhere in India even in rural areas?

Then they said Ok, you can leave.

I thanked them all and left the room.

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8 thoughts on “IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 1: IBPS Common Interview

  1. Nice Interview

  2. Kindly provide the answer on connected lending.


  4. did u ans all…?

  5. wats us subject?

  6. ur subject plssss?

  7. Rajeshpharmacy06 says:

    biodata form wahi pe fill karne ke liye diya tha kya/

  8. no biodata form required.. they are asking much questions like “how would you handle if you are posted in rural areas ?” be prepared for it. very less questions on banking, instead questions based on situation and condition…. 

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