IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 13: Ravi Sharma, MCA

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience of Ravi Sharma, MCA. IBPS Common Interview Questions asked to a MCA qualified candidates. IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 13.

  • Name: Ravi Sharma
  • Qualification: MCA

I just want to share my interview questions with you and I want to know
did they ask these type of question. I am MCA student and they asked unexpected question to me.

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience ImageFirst questions which was asked to me related to my strength and weakness

Do you know the India vs England match updates.

Who wrote the book kadambari ?
Not answered

Name 3 books written by Jay shanker Prasad.
Not answered

Name 4 port of south eastern zone.
answered 2 name.

Where the golden temple located..?

Name 5 river of Punjab.
not answered

About RTE Vision.

What is bancassurance

About Arwind kejriwal.

About Gulam Ali

About Jagjeet Singh.

Nehru cup belongs to which sport.
Not answered.

I am MCA student and not a single question asked to me related to my paper. I from Ranchi.

Ravi asked in his email whether it was unexpected or not. To answer this, i have to say this was unexpected but sometimes interviewer intentional did this to check your adaptability and your knowledge.

We thank Ravi Sharma [Ravi Kumar Sharma] for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

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