IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 16: Subhro Basu

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience. IBPS Common Interview experience of Subhro Basu, West Bengal.

  • Date-20.01.2013
  • Venue: United Bank of India Southern region HQ
  • No of Member in Panel: Four (M1, M2 , M3, M4)

Questions asked during IBPS PO Common Interview:

Subhro Basu

M1 : So subhra why did you leave HSBC?


M2.How’s your leg now?

Ans Sir it’s fine now

M3. What was your salary in HSBC?


M1. Explain MSF


M1.Explain what is SWAP


M2.explain LAF

ANSWERED m2 said its ok but u need 2 study it bit more

M3 Do you know Hindi?

Answered yes

M3.What was your subject in grads

Answered zoology

M3. What are the three parts of brain?

Cerebrum,cerebellum, medulla and also mentioned their function

M4. What is CSF?

ANSWERED cerebro spinal fluid

M2.what are Motor Nerves?

Mentioned also mentioned stepen hawking suffering from Motor neuron disease because motor nerves dose not work

M1.what is Enron scandal?


M1.who was Bernie madoff?


M1. CEO of Enron

Answered Kenneth lay

M2.do you have any problem in working in rural area?

Answered no

They said thank you and all the best

Overall it was a good interview keeping my fingers crossed and oh yes they DO have a summary of your score.

We thank Subhro Basu for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

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