IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 2: Sudipta Mondal

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience of Sudipta Mondal. IBPS Common Interview Questions. IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 2.

Name: Sudipta Mondal
Venue: United Bank of India Staff Training Center, Kolkata.
Reporting Time: 8.30 Am
No of Member in Panel: 4 (Four)

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience ImageMy reporting time was 8.30 am,but when i was called for document verification it was 12p.m and at 12.30pm i entered in the interview room.

There were 4 men in the Interview panel and all four of them were from United Bank of India (UBI). They asked me a lot of questions in just 20 minutes.

Questions Asked during IBPS PO Common Interview:

M1. What is assets? What is asset for banks only.
M1. What is good will? Then asked GOODWILL in simple words after that 2nd man told explain it in Bengali.
M2. Who was the previous President of India, Finance Minister, Rail Minister?
M1. Tell me what is debit card and what is credit card?
M3. Tell me one country that is below sea-level?
Answer: Not Answered.
M3. Where is Venice ? What is the capital of Holland? Then he asked where is Bhopal situated in India? What is the capital of Chhattisgarh?
M4. How density of population is measured? Which state has most population?
M1. What is Liability?
M2. Do you have any problem if asked to work in rural area? (asked in Hindi – rural me kam krna hai to mana nei karoge na?)
Ans . I said No. Then he asked now you are saying no problem but don’t complain if you get rural posting in future (abhi bol raahe ho baad me mat rona).
M1. From where bank borrow money/funds ?
M1. What is the basic functions of bank?

In between the M1 asked me five or six questions about my subjects as i am B.Tech in computer science.

Finally they said you can go now. I thanked them and left the room.

We thank Sudipta Mondal for sharing her Interview Experience with our readers. We wish her all Success in life.

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  1. tis interview is going 2 be very tough….daar lag raha…mine on 29 th…

  2. interview would be tough considering It for the post of PO

  3. is der anyone 4m BBA background?

  4. Anchalseth273 says:

    thanx alot..

  5. hey anchal…wats ur score n u r 4m? n ur subject?

  6. Rajeshpharmacy06 says:

    help regarding biodata form..

  7. no any biodata form is needed…

  8. hey sudipta modal what were questions of computer ?? m also btech form c.s. please share questions soon

  9. Hey sudipta please share the question asked on computer sc.I am also b.tech in computer sc.

  10. sreedevi sarma says:

         I want to know during certificate verification do we need to produce original degree certifcate r xerox is enough???

  11. Say wat kind of que they asked. from ur degree . . I also B.E in computer science and engineering

  12. Can yo send resume model . . How would be resume model fa engineering (cse/IT)graduate

  13. raziya khan says:

    sir for ibps 2 interview  should i take original degree ?or provison is enough sir  

  14. Tanugupta1435 says:

    if anybody don’t have original certificates and having photostat of certificates then what he or she will do? plz rply

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