IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 3: IBPS Common Interview

IBPS Common Interview Experience 3 shared by one of our reader. IBPS PO Common Interview Questions and Common Interview Experience.

Friends here is my IBPS PO Common Interview Experience. My interview was on the first day so i was tensed. My reporting time was 8.30 am and i reached there in time. After document verification i had to wait for an hour to get my turn.

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience ImageI took permission and entered the room. I wish them Good morning, in return one of the interviewer sitting in the middle said Good morning and ask me to sit. There were four person in the panel sitting on the four corner of a big rectangular table.

Questions Asked during IBPS PO Common Interview:

1. First they asked what is my name and the meaning of my name.
2. Then they asked me to Introduce myself. (I didn’t say my name this time because in their first question they asked my name).
3. They asked few question about my family and my degree.
4. Why banking when you are an engineer?
5. What is Basel-III norms?
6. Why Basel-III norms when there is already a Basel-II guideline?
6. Any recent important banking news ? I said about banking amendment act.
7. Next question was What is banking amendment act?
8. Are you willingness to work anywhere in the country?
9. What difference do you expect from the bank which you don’t have in IT industry?

Then they said OK and ask me to leave. I said thanks to everybody and left the interview room.

Note: The person don’t want to share his name, name of the bank and place of Interview.

We thank him/her for sharing his/her Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him/her all success in life.

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  1. question was gud….

  2. wat reply you gave for questin number 4?

  3. Pls share ur score also….

  4. what about character certificate

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