IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 5: Akhil S Anand

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience of Akhil S Anand (Kerala). IBPS Common Interview Questions. IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 5.

My IBPS PO Common Interview Experience

  • Name: Akhil S Anand
  • Venue: Canara Bank, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
  • No of Member in Panel: 4 member (3 Malayali Speaking and one Hindi speaking man)

Questions Asked during IBPS PO Common Interview:

1. When I entered the room he asked me score of today’s India vs England cricket match.

IBPS PO Common Interview Experience Image2. They asked me about Akhilesh Yadev.

3. Discussion on efficiency of youth and aged.

4. About a planet which was discovered recently.

5. Country which invented cure for Japan Flue.

6. The country which had introduced plastic currency.

7. About the bank where I have account.

8. Types of bank account.

9. Difference between savings and current account.

10. What is CBS?

11. Explain CBS as an electronic engineer.

12. Interest rate in savings account.

13. Had some discussion in Hindi.

Overall it was a nice experience. Answered all except the new planet. I think each member of the panel was given an area to cover. For me after the initial discussion each member asked a question and passed to the next panelist. Questions were relatively simple as I expected. And my first bank interview went smoothly. Now waiting for the result with fingers crossed.

We thank Akhil S Anand for sharing his Interview Experience with our readers. We wish him all Success in life.

Note: This interview was shared on a Facebook group – IBPS PO Aspirants – by Akhil S Anand.

9 thoughts on “IBPS PO Common Interview Experience 5: Akhil S Anand

  1. what is the answer to 3,4,5,6 questions

  2. what is the answer for 5th question?
    i think australia is the answer for 6th question am i correct or not???

  3. hello administration  please provide answers for 4,5 questions

  4. ans.6 england
    ans.5 india

  5. what toopology or network used in cbs anybody …..

  6. hey admin, in ur knowledge,do u think that interviewers ask about Gaps in career?

  7. Thanks fa ur info . . How would be the resume model fa engineering graduate . . Pls send me . .

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